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Synonyms for unassailable

Synonyms for unassailable

Synonyms for unassailable

impossible to assail


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without flaws or loopholes

References in classic literature ?
Satan, having satisfied himself that the tree-perches were unassailable, was charging straight for the big Tahitian.
I still think Spencer is unassailable, and next time I'm going to take a hand myself.
He had received his name from the suavity of his countenance, the inveterate politeness of his language, and the unassailable composure of his manner.
Vanity--of all human frailties the longest-lived--still held its firmly-rooted place in this woman's nature; superior to torment of conscience, unassailable by terror of death!
Then, and then only, my sympathy with her was the perfect sympathy which holds its fidelity unassailable by the chances and changes, the delusions and temptations, of mortal life.
His real work was that of dramatic critic to a leading ministerial journal, in which he also wrote articles inspired by the ministers,--a very well understood, clearly defined, and quite unassailable position.
Sir Patrick's indifference to all domestic claims on him--claims of persons who loved, and claims of persons who hated, it didn't matter which--remained perfectly unassailable.
Summing up the unassailable security of her false position in those closing words, Mercy pointed significantly to the billiard-room door.
Tennyson was too sincere to evade the issue, and after years of inner struggle he arrived at a positive faith in the central principles of Christianity, broadly interpreted, though it was avowedly a faith based on instinct and emotional need rather than on unassailable reasoning.
Bohun, yours is the only theory yet propounded which holds water every way and is essentially unassailable.
From the moment that Anna loved Vronsky, he had regarded his own right over her as the one thing unassailable.
They have their House of Lords, they own the land, and will own it for many years to come, their position is unassailable.
On Miss Verinder's own authority--a perfectly unassailable authority, as you are aware, in the estimation of Mr.
I know that her fortune is gone--I know that the last chance of restoring her to her place in the world lies at the mercy of her worst enemy, of a man who is now absolutely unassailable, and who may remain unassailable to the end.
Lizzie's father, composing himself into the easy attitude of one who had asserted the high moralities and taken an unassailable position, slowly lighted a pipe, and smoked, and took a survey of what he had in tow.