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lacking aesthetic sensibility

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I think to erase, ban or inserting a ticker tape on the screen would be a little unartistic and too controlling.
8) Manny Escott, "Sex exploitation unartistic Pierre Berton tells court.
It's very proper and Swabian and gloriously unartistic.
further call[ing] your [Lamar's] attention to the unartistic, revolting and obscene cover design of .
Put another way, a democratic conception of the poet can produce a mode of plain or unartistic writing which, if classified as unliterary from within the traditions of literary accomplishment, can also be seen to be manifesting the democratic and aesthetic values which became rapidly associated with photography as a popular medium.
Painting, for all the associative visual clues it provides, is a less coercive correction of our naturally wandering, in a sense even unnaturally unartistic eye.
Pitre points out that Conrad's (in my case, the narrator's) depiction of revolutionaries lacks the often withering irony used effectively at other times, forsaking it for a vicious but crude and unartistic sarcasm (96).
It is not surprising that as her career progressed, Huber, unlike most of her peers, increasingly laid claim to aesthetic value in her fiction instead of propagating the myth of spontaneous, unartistic female authorship (see Heuser 62, 64).
ANDY SAYS: "She's either completely unartistic or taking the mickey.
13) The tasteless, unartistic Ashburnham Pentateuch cannot have been painted by Germanic artists, whose works are "full of the finest rhythm and an unusual ideal unity of spatial order.
One crater has a decidedly unartistic appellation: Hun Kal, the Mayan term for 20, is the name for a tiny impact scar that sits on Mercury's 20 [degrees] meridian, giving cartographers a reference for the planet's coordinate system.
It began with Impressionism, an artistic style which at the turn of the century was scorned as garish, homely, and unartistic.
Our general cultural affairs are in good measure dependent on unartistic committees and foundations, much as the making of a Steinway (the family company sold to CBS and resold to Steinway Musical Properties) is now supervised by a former nuclear engineer.
These charts looked like the webs of an unartistic spider: company A linked to company B, B allied with C and D, D in turn partnered with companies A and E.
In this system, the negative was taken as a point of departure--a first rough impression to be 'improved' by hand until the last traces of its unartistic origin had disappeared.