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Synonyms for unappealing

(of characters in literature or drama) tending to evoke antipathetic feelings

not able to attract favorable attention


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If one day cricket and its schedule is so unappealing to one of the best one day players in the world then does that format of the game have much of a future in its current form?
I may well be in minority here but for me, please remove this unappealing eyesore.
Even those who find their artistic products, whether in art, verse or prose, unappealing may still be fascinated by their 'private lives'.
It also represents a deeply unappealing picture of what has happened to codes of public behaviour in 21st century Britain.
The Sainsbury's (***) pie's excellent gravy and decent pastry was marred by tough, unappealing meat.
THE points were shared after an unappealing London derby of few chances.
At first, I thought Eve was struggling badly with that unappealing voice and those unappealing mannerisms.
Usually hard-nosed, determined women in the public eye split opinion but absolutely everyone I know is united in having no sympathy at all for Lady Mucca, who's come across as desperately unappealing in all the divorce hoo-ha.
But the overall message reaching them is muddled and unappealing.
Richardson said the airline takes advantage of underserved markets that other carriers may view as unappealing, often flying to areas that can be described as "challenging destinations" such as Syria and Lebanon or Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan in Central Asia.
I find it strange, unappealing music -- unlike the rest of Janacek's oeuvre -- but Belohlavek certainly conducted it like a believer.
Prior to the renovation, Aaron Burr Hall was known as a bland and aesthetically unappealing academic building," says David Zaiser, partner at KSS.
Although beautifully, almost lyrically written the story is unappealing since it deals with societal misfits who do weird things for bizarre reasons.
just because I hate it when people have to find a way to let me know they had sex this morning, not because the idea of a butch on her back is unappealing to me).
Barres that are splintered, dirty, broken-down, or shakey create an unappealing environment for the dancer, and an unprofessional look for any studio.