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Antonyms for unapologetic

unwilling to make or express an apology

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A new, cohesive body of work is developing, driven by young artists, with a distinctive narrative bent and a bold, unapologetic look at GCC society and its dreams and aspirations.
According to their analysis, obtained by the Tribune and authenticated by UH, the Pappas group took that unapologetic approach in considering the "breakthrough solutions.
Harrison was hurt but unapologetic in the wake of that defeat and has today insisted he will continue his career The 39-year-old said in a statement: "After spending some time away reflecting on the fight and outcome, I have made the decision to carry on my career as a professional.
I KNOW it's self-serving, ego-maniacal, unapologetic rubbish, but how hilarious is Tony Blair's novel, sorry, autobiography?
Much of the first two thirds of the book is descriptive rather than narrative; it is in the last third that an aunt inspires Hannah to be unapologetic and simply be herself.
One national newspaper reported that their parents, unapologetic, wanted pounds 15,000 to sell their story, forgetting the fact two lives were lost and another family driven out of their home.
It was an explosion of raw energy and exuberance associated with unapologetic punk without being raucous.
KELLY OSBOURNE, 24, got an unapologetic snog from boyfriend MATTY DERHAM, after the FIELDS band member swept her up in his arms.
Surely the writer doesn't mean buildings such as the bold and unapologetic 1974 Central Library, the work of Birmingham architect John Madin, that was featured in the RIBA's Guide to Modern Architecture in 1984, or the iconic Rotunda originally designed by another local architect James Roberts in 1965, now refurbished and highly praised by commentators.
While Metanoia Films has not marketed Bella as a strictly pro-life movie, many pro-life and pro-family groups across the country and internationally have embraced the film for its unapologetic celebration of life and the beauty of the family and for its honest look at the difficult issue of what to do about an unplanned and "unwanted" pregnancy (LifeSiteNews.
But Frank Miller's novel has an unapologetic wit and sarcasm that's a breath of fresh air.
Contrast this with the unapologetic, sober, anti-British ranting of some British citizens against their adoptive country.
Nikki Eaton is a reporter who sports a punk hairstyle and is defiantly unapologetic about her open relationship with a married man, separated from his wife.
But Portland remained unapologetic, brazenly calling the decision "flawed" and saying the university "failed to fairly consider and weigh all of the relevant information.