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not animated or enlivened

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There are many metaphors that speak about the volcano and the earthquake as if they had agentivity and volitive control, although they are natural unanimated phenomena.
He cites his progression from being a sculptor to taking on the role of designer in collaboration with director Lara Foot-Newton as having started as a consequence of feeling dissatisfied with the unanimated object.
Performing easily-forgettable tracks Everytime You Go and This Love (Will Be Your Downfall) from her debut album Lights, Goulding remained unanimated and was barely audible over the backing, leading to a soggy start to the night.
It's hard to compare it to the unanimated movies, especially since this film is mostly directed at children.
Samuel Johnson, who seems to have liked neither Thomson nor Pope, wrote in his curt life of Thomson that he was 'of a dull countenance, and a gross, unanimated, uninviting appearance'.
Two experimental studies, one that compared the new interface to the existing one, and the second that compared the animated agent with facial expressions that demonstrated some emotion with the unanimated agent have demonstrated positive results with U.
Finbar Lynch's Berowne was particularly disappointing: drawling his lines and constantly leaning back casually, he seemed uninterested and unanimated, as if his own life was unworthy of his attention.
Strangelovesque subtitle appears next to another pose, the unanimated man breaks his exaggerated posture with laughter; this laughter, born of a wry refusal to succumb to the seriousness of tragedy, is one of the main ways this documentary's main character fights, confronts, and co-opts the army's and audience's expectations throughout the film while asserting a distance between subject and viewer.
The Tale of Despereaux" is a pleasant if somewhat unanimated animated story about a mouse who saves a kingdom.
The more these move to the web or to CD/DVD media, the more dynamic, interactive solids models will replace flat, unanimated 2D drawings.
At the beginning was the space of earth itself with its unanimated matters.
Even a non-religious person could say that the Constitution never says anything about abortion--to the extent it says anything about unanimated rights--and those rights don't necessarily include a practice that for many decades every state considered to be a crime.
2005) using an unanimated object as figure, no imbalance between forward and backward falls was observed.
Apparently the act takes several hours throughout which the two beasts were pretty unanimated.
As an example of the latter, we may cite Cuypers's statement that Thomas employs the term agent "indifferently for personal, animal, and even unanimated efficient agency" (p.