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representing the furthest possible extent of analysis or division into parts

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A myth cannot be refuted," however, "since it is, at bottom, identical with the convictions of a group, being the expression of these convictions in the language of movement; and it is, in consequence, unanalyzable into parts which could be placed on the plane of historical descriptions," Sorel writes.
Right there one could talk specifically about (a) the vowel [i] vs schwa; (b) voiced vs voiceless stops like [k] vs [g]; (c) verb-endings like -e in dice; and (d) the concept of speech acts and semantic change, whereby ghi ze dic can come to just be an unanalyzable greeting rather than a true question.
In almost all of the latter cases, the corresponding bases remain synchronically unanalyzable in the majority of Austronesian languages and this is also true with many kele- words in Benuaq.
most companies price their products based on a system that is unidentified, unanalyzable, incoherent, illogical, unknowable, incomprehensible, impenetrable, inexplicable--in other words, completely un-transparent.
an unanalyzable whole" ("Qualitative" 100); "The total overwhelming impression comes first, perhaps in a seizure by a sudden glory of the landscape, or by the effect upon us of entrance into a cathedral when dim light, incense, stained glass and majestic proportions fuse in one indistinguishable whole" ("Natural" 145).
As unanalyzable primitives, these operators are a significant ideological cost to the presentist's metaphysical theory.
On Harte's view, Aristotle's answer to the problem of the unity of forms is to take substantial forms to be "immediately one" in an unanalyzable and unproblematic way.
But I ask it in the context of other such questions (controversial in their time) that attend to apparently unanalyzable and naturalized subject positions and structures of power: feminists' focus on the gendered power structures that privilege masculinity and patriarchy; queer theory's problematization of hegemonic heteronormativity; and critical race theorists' explicit analyses of the unmarked normativity of whiteness.
Exclusion criteria were: difficulties in obtaining information (barrier of language, disorientation); unanalyzable samples; pregnant women; history of hysterectomy; and refusal to participate.
Poincare's intuition seems to be a "Bergosonian" awareness of the unanalyzable continuity of our movements; and its necessity is motivated, supported, not by invoking the sciences of perception, psychology or physiology, but rather in a "phenomenological" manner.
As far as we can tell about the quantum world itself, which remains inaccessible, invisible, unanalyzable, and unknown, it exists in a state of perpetual and random flux, forever fluid, foggy, blurred, contradictory, and of such a radical otherness no one has yet been able to fully understand or fathom it.
The last chamber, the last closet, he must feel, was never opened; there is always a residuum unknown, unanalyzable.
With suppletion, Dir and Loc are lexicalized in one unanalyzable morpheme.
on the other hand, nobody would want to claim that meanings in conceptual spaces like "epistemic" or "purpose" are in any sense unanalyzable wholes without any internal structure or identifiable properties.
She's an object, for the moment, experienced as subject: the breaking yolk of warmth between her legs, the untidy buzzing rush of hormones in her head, the milk rising and rising, breaking so exquisitely the unanalyzable mystery of flesh.