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(of legislation) not amended


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BD was 5% lower under the lime- and silicate-amended soil, which did not differ, than under the unamended control in the 0-0.
In 2015, claims survived European opposition proceedings in unamended form in about 31 percent of the cases.
In their unamended form, FIDIC contracts can create clashes with existing public works laws.
Plant California wild lilac (Ceanothus) in unamended soil in full sun, allowing plenty of room for it to spread.
Recently the present government published the Preamble of the original unamended Constitution of 1949 and deliberately raised a controversy because the word 'secular' was not there.
Mr Jones said he couldn't remember if the unamended statements were collected when West Midlands Police began a criminal investigation into the disaster.
c] Earlier, Article 85 on the powers of standing committees was adopted unamended by 126 votes.
The Gujarat High Court has in a similar case held that withdrawal of amount during the retention period would not result in accrual of income if the original contract remains unamended.
He said he had agreed to a long-standing request from pipeline supporters for a separate vote on the pipeline if its supporters would let the efficiency bill sail through unamended.
If the bill goes through unamended, three levels of governance will allow for more accountability: regional councils with transparent budgetary affairs, central watchdogs to oversee these regions, and civil society holding it all accountable.
3-fold greater flower production in nickel-amended soil compared to unamended soil.
trade partners that final agreements will be given timely and unamended consideration
To the contrary, amendments conceived as further clarifications of the unamended Constitution's limitations on federal power have come instead in the hands of federal judges to be either meaningless or excuses for additional intervention of unaccountable, unelected federal officials into the policymaking processes of state governments.
Now, the bill must pass through the House unamended if it is to avoid returning to the Senate.