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Synonyms for unambitious

having little desire for success or achievement

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Charlton were the latest Championship side set up to try and frustrate Boro on Saturday, but Academy graduate Smallwood insists the struggling Millers won't join that list of unambitious opponents.
A survey of the eating habits of 2,000 employees revealed how unambitious many are when it comes to having their middle-of-the-day meal.
A middle-of-the-middle-of-the-road, comfortable, midtable, finish sounds like a fairly unambitious target.
The degree of forensic detail to be found in his exhibition at the New Art Gallery, for being inward-and unambitious Walsall, recalls the faintly sinister work of the 1930s organisation Mass Observation, with its obsessive interest in working-class tastes in leisure and home decor.
Shadow Minister for Care and Older People Liz Kendall dismissed the changes as depressingly unambitious.
But will her unambitious students follow her lead and tread the path less taken?
SHAUN OF THE DEAD 9pm, ITV2 An unambitious 29-year-old man trapped in the job from hell and recently dumped decides to get his life back on track.
Anita Smisek's publishing house is an example of patient and, in the best sense of the word, unambitious work directed to the musical communities beyond the specific universe of high-profile professionals.
Opposition politicians said the drop was "disappointing" and said the target was unambitious.
She called Kate unambitious, uncontroversial and bland, calling her Queen Wag in everything but name, the Daily Star reported.
I thought it was a singularly unambitious scheme, just taxing people who are in receipt of council tax benefit rather than helping them get into work, dealing with mistakes and fraud.
A medal range of between 40 and 70 medals means that the target of 48 is fairly unambitious - with somewhere in the mid-50s a probable outcome.
An unambitious, jilted 29-year-old man decides to get his life back on track but has to put his plans on hold when zombies stalk the streets feeding on whoever they come across.
Unambitious and overlooked, Noel is an alcoholic trapped in a dead-end job until a surprise call from a former girlfriend turns his life upside down.
NEIL Alexander laughs when he hears people call him unambitious.