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Synonyms for unambiguous

clearly defined; not ambiguous

clearly, fully, and sometimes emphatically expressed

Synonyms for unambiguous

having or exhibiting a single clearly defined meaning

admitting of no doubt or misunderstanding

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Having created a set of unambiguous requirements using the tool, the customer can rapidly generate all required test cases for those requirements, creating savings for the project and contributing to the reduction of project risk and improvement of product quality.
As you know, the British pig industry has long campaigned for clear and unambiguous country-of-origin labelling to be included on pork products such as bacon, ham and sausages.
Unambiguous communications result when people candidly, directly, frankly, fairly, and honestly recognize reality and talk about it in sincere, impersonal terms.
Given the long judicial history, prior regulations and the lack of rationale behind the 1990 regulations, the Tax Court felt that established law without a timely filing requirement was unambiguous and thus did not defer to Treasury.
Then the corrections will be under control and the new generation of neutron decay experiments, which are being considered at new Spallation Neutron Source, can provide unambiguous information about the validity of the Standard Model and can be used as a precise tool in the search for new physics.
While many people have differing understandings of the policy basis of acquisition decisions, the DoD policy is actually quite clear and understandable, and it provides unambiguous guidance to the concerned professional in the field.
In defiance of the unambiguous text of the Constitution, the Yoo memo declares: "If the Framers had wanted to require congressional consent before the initiation of hostilities, they knew how to write such provisions.
To be unambiguous, a large-scale brewery site would contain storage vats and fermenting pots much larger than for home use and kilns that could heat large volumes of liquid.
Whereas the Constitution of the United States gives the President unambiguous, unqualified authority to make war whenever and wherever he considers it necessary to do so;
That war proved a natural fit: Nazis could be presented as an unambiguous evil that fit the simplistic morality of most video games.
These are about as unambiguous results as you can get,'' Wlezien said.
Local education leaders are asked to: Develop clear, unambiguous and comprehensive policies that aim to double the amount of time students spend writing.
Conversely, unambiguous words (like CAUSE) have only one distinct meaning.
Broadway audiences have certainly embraced straight dance before: There was the Matthew Bourne version of Swan Lake in 1998, which was marketed--very successfully--as a Broadway musical; Tango Argentino and Riverdance were unambiguous dance shows and unambiguous hits.
The unambiguous difference of linguistic signs is expanded to include a universe of approaches to meaning.