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clarity achieved by the avoidance of ambiguity

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In order to check the unambiguity of the developed themes, an independent coder was given the final themes and their descriptions.
An unambiguity of R is obtained by removing all but one representations of each object, and letting the probability of the remaining representation be the sum of the probabilities of the original representations of the same object.
82) included 5 questions on explicitness, completeness, unambiguity, confusion, and redundancy of the provided instructions.
In order to enlarge the non-clutter area in Doppler domain, the number of Doppler cells can be increased as large as the matrix RIP holds owe to the unambiguity, and also narrow beamwidth is always formed which leads to small number cells of clutter compared with the whole Doppler cells.
The Mail on Sunday is a right-wing paper, and I do not recall it has ever expressed support for the Palestinians with such unambiguity before.
But concerning one profoundly important point, his book brings into focus the unambiguity of the matter:
functional structure and organization of discourse, unambiguity and all-inclusiveness), but interestingly enough, it is precisely the conventionalized reliance on these elements that establishes a gradual delimitation of the genre of resolutions as distinct from the legal register.
Unambiguity (exclusion the free choice of usage of different ways and principles); 29.
For all his insistence on moral unambiguity, Berman's claims on this topic are a transparent evasion.
The questionnaire was finalized after pretesting for age-appropriate vocabulary, clarity/ unambiguity, neutrality, relevance, and completeness by administering it to members of an LGBTQ youth group.
In two dimensions, the concept of unambiguity is straightforward and yields to class UREC [14].
The text has to be 're'-translated into images for the stage in a way that avoids and even rejects a theater of entertainment and consumption and creates a space where the unambiguity of violence and destruction becomes tangible again.
purposes were concerned) unanimity and unambiguity as to their meaning.