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Synonyms for unambiguity

clarity achieved by the avoidance of ambiguity

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dagger]) Explicitness, completeness, unambiguity, confusion, and redundancy.
For all his insistence on moral unambiguity, Berman's claims on this topic are a transparent evasion.
The questionnaire was finalized after pretesting for age-appropriate vocabulary, clarity/ unambiguity, neutrality, relevance, and completeness by administering it to members of an LGBTQ youth group.
The text has to be 're'-translated into images for the stage in a way that avoids and even rejects a theater of entertainment and consumption and creates a space where the unambiguity of violence and destruction becomes tangible again.
The recent innovation provides an eightfold increase in speed and a double unambiguity interval compared to the previous generation FARO offerings.
Attributing an unambiguity of expression or even essence to a complex (and, to many observers, problematic) movement, to say nothing of dismissing dissenting interpretations, is incautious enough but fairly trivial compared to identifying the meaning and essence of an entire genre.
controversy because of their unambiguity, (2) the provisions relating to
Hence, in While you were out, 2003, Dirk Stewen reappropriates objects--a silk tie, a paper streamer, a cock ring--that have coded but clear meanings in gay and other subcultures, releasing them from their strict unambiguity and placing them in a new, meaning-devoid flippancy that might still be called formalistic.
The unambiguity of (12) and (13) indicates that J/K bare nouns behave like bare plurals/mass nouns with respect to the scope interaction with the universal quantifier.