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in an unalterable and unchangeable manner

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There he is, amid the high-budget oaks and bricklayer's Gothic, unalterably outfitted in a blue blazer, tie and khaki slacks.
The cardinal and the archdiocese would be unalterably opposed to anything that promotes abortion,'' said the Rev.
Yet if Bush is correct in characterizing terrorists as unalterably and murderously opposed to Americans' very existence, the war against terrorism won't end until the last terrorist is captured or killed.
Because they, like Helms, see sex and taxes as unalterably opposed.
There must be absolutely no doubt in the minds of the friends or of the enemies of peace,'' the president said, ``that the Palestinian Authority is unalterably opposed to terror and unalterably committed to pre-empting and preventing such acts.
Furthermore, at least temporarily, the privilege and authority of the Nobel Prize, together with Hikari's popularity as an international celebrity who is at the same time unalterably innocent, seem ready to reinforce the view of the world in which the marginal depend upon the support and admiration of the benevolent center.
She maintains that the "consciousness revolution" has already transformed mainstream business and medicine - Harvard Medical School hosts symposiums on the role of spirituality in healing - but hasn't yet seeped into government, "the only major American institution that doesn't yet seem to have heard that the world has unalterably changed.
The president has said he is unalterably opposed,'' said the former congressman.
I am unalterably opposed to going back to the mistake we made before and having big tax cuts that are not paid for,'' the president said, referring to the soaring deficits of the 1980s.
As Los Angeles lifts out of the longest economic downturn since the Great Depression, many voters who will go to the polls Tuesday have a pervasive fear that the American Dream, if not over, has been unalterably changed.
And their in-your-face insistence on being themselves revealed an inner desire, fortitude and conviction that ultimately wrested respect and even affection from a national audience that seemed unalterably antagonistic to them at the start of the playoffs.
By the early sixties feminism and difference were unalterably opposed.
A half-generation later I was one of many who became unalterably opposed to the Vietnam War, but I saw and still see nothing inconsistent in this.
The minoritizing view maintains that there are persons who are, essentially and unalterably, gay.
There Moore, Evan Thomas, Erling Lunde and Harold Gray started a hunger strike, writing Secretary of War Newton Baker to say, "We are unalterably opposed to the principle of conscription and believe it to be the backbone of militarism and war.