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Synonyms for unalterability

the quality of not being alterable

the quality of being fixed and unchangeable

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Three staples underlying Western-based antiessentialism which can be rendered moot are (1) the sheer untenability or farfetchededness of the idea of essence, (2) the unalterability of the essence, and (3) viewing essentialism ipso facto as genetic essentialism or biological reductionism.
As bona fide laws, their existence poses problems for the thesis of the unalterability of laws, a cornerstone of the Consequence Argument against compatibilism.
The rigid unalterability and essential limitation of every individuality as such would, in the case of its endless duration, inevitably and necessarily produce ultimately such great weariness by its monotony, that we should prefer to become nothing, merely in order to be relieved of it.
38) The characteristics of qualified certificates and secure-signature-creation devices are set out in functional, rather than technological terms: as examples, a qualified certificate must identify the issuing certification-service-provider (39), who must "use trustworthy systems and products which are protected against modification and ensure the technical and cryptographic security of the process" (40), and secure-signature-creation devices must use "appropriate technical and procedural means" to ensure the uniqueness and unalterability of the signature.
In an age of growing nationalism biological theories of race formulated a Jewish racial identity and conferred a modern rationale for the long-standing belief in the unalterability of the Jewish national character.
It is precisely the unalterability of experience, and therefore the unavoidable consequences that result from experience, that carry Adam Bede through anguish to regeneration.
In disposing of the term limit amendment as an impermissible candidacy qualification, the Court had occasion to distinguish the unalterability of the requirements for service enumerated in the "Qualifications Clauses" from the regulatory powers delegated to the States under the "Elections Clause.