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not fit to fly


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The residual tape reportedly left the aircraft in 'an unairworthy condition' until the tape was removed on 10 September after a routine FAA inspection.
Just how many unairworthy parts have claimed lives is not known.
In addition, the lawsuit claims that West Caribbean circulated lists soliciting desired "black market" parts, unregistered and unapproved, that render an aircraft unairworthy, just in order to keep the plane flying.
The pilot in command shall discontinue the flight when unairworthy mechanical, electrical, or structural conditions occur.
She, and others, told us that the company and the pilot have to be prepared for anything from a routine trip to showing up and discovering that the airplane described by the owner as pristine is an unairworthy loose assembly of parts.
However, I did not expect one of those dangers to come in the form of being sent up in an unairworthy aircraft.
And the firm's head of airworthiness, Tom McMichael, said that if the evidence heard was correct, Nimrods had, at the time of the tragedy, been flying in an unairworthy state for 37 years.
By mid-July the Soviet North Fleet had only one unairworthy Hampden.
Don't take unnecessary risks by flying an unairworthy aircraft on the sly.
The FAA alleges that FedExs failure to perform the rebalancing requirements rendered the aircraft unairworthy and that the company operated the aircraft on at least 133 flights when it was in that condition.
The owner flew this way, but when he went to sell he discovered the airplane was essentially unairworthy and unsellable.
If the aircraft is rendered unairworthy by the equipment failure--however that term may be defined--and repairs cannot be accomplished at its current location, a ferry permit may be obtained by using FAA Form 8130-6.
Barrister John Cooper said it is the view of the claimants that the aeroplane was unairworthy.
He claimed to be surprised when the shop called him to say that the corrosion had reached the point where the airplane was unairworthy and their head of maintenance thought it was beyond economical repair.