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carried out without aid or assistance

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The days dragged their weary lengths along, but at last he had sufficiently regained his strength to crawl from the shelter and make his way unaided to the ground.
Eudosia was permitted to cloak and get into the carriage unaided by any beau, a thing that had not happened to her since speculation had brought her father into notice.
It mounted one hundred guns, large and small, and was impregnable to Indian attack, unaided by artillery.
The woman was alone and in bad spirits, unsupported; nothing at all was in her favour except the memory of the two victorious contests; whereas the man, though unaided, as before, by either Lady Arabella or Oolanga, was in full strength, well rested, and in flourishing circumstances.
So much for Norman blood unaided by Victorian lucre.
Karay was a shaggy old dog with a hanging jowl, famous for having tackled a big wolf unaided.
Jane Clayton knew that the fellow could not alone and unaided bring his heavy craft back up-stream to the Kincaid, and so she had no further fear of an attack by him.
Easily could Borckman lift him down the precipitous ladder, which was to him, unaided, a taboo, the violation of which was pregnant with disaster.
Her momentary weakness past, the child again summoned the resolution which had until now sustained her, and, endeavouring to keep steadily in her view the one idea that they were flying from disgrace and crime, and that her grandfather's preservation must depend solely on her firmness, unaided by one word of advice or any helping hand, urged him onward and looked back no more.
When I heard that Nada, my daughter, still lived, I wept for joy, though like Umslopogaas I was torn by doubt and fear, for it is far for an unaided maid to travel from Swaziland to the Ghost Mountain.
There was no theatrical procession of demure little choristers, trying their best not to simper under the admiring gaze of the congregation: the people's share in the service was taken by the people themselves, unaided, except that a few good voices, judiciously posted here and there among them, kept the singing from going too far astray.
Project Description : To establish new 5 unaided colleges in Mumbai, Maharashtra
Summary: New Delhi [India], September 6 (ANI): The Delhi High Court on Wednesday directed 98 private and unaided schools to refund 75 percent excess fee and deposit it in 10 days as cash/ Fixed Deposit Receipt (FDR) and bank guarantee with registrar.
In Sundergarh district there are around 2300 elementary government schools, 182 government aided schools and 240 unaided private schools.
Initially, during bouts of unaided stepping, one of the subject's feet was assisted by the trainer, allowing the subject to concentrate on moving one leg at time (unilateral stepping).