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Synonyms for unaffected

Synonyms for unaffected

Synonyms for unaffected

undergoing no change when acted upon

unaware of or indifferent to


Related Words

emotionally unmoved

free of artificiality

References in classic literature ?
Dashwood and her daughters were met at the door of the house by Sir John, who welcomed them to Barton Park with unaffected sincerity; and as he attended them to the drawing room repeated to the young ladies the concern which the same subject had drawn from him the day before, at being unable to get any smart young men to meet them.
The offered hand--rather large, but beautifully formed--was given to me with the easy, unaffected self-reliance of a highly-bred woman.
Her light flow of talk, and her lively familiarity of manner with a total stranger, were accompanied by an unaffected naturalness and an easy inborn confidence in herself and her position, which would have secured her the respect of the most audacious man breathing.
She is accustomed to do all that, I own; but to do it in a manner that adds to its value by her simple unaffected feelings.
He became a great favourite with the children, because he was simple and unaffected and because it was so plain that he was fond of them.
Like other men, he had felt the attraction of her unaffected grace and gentleness on the few occasions when he had been in her company--and that was all.
Varenka seemed quite unaffected by there being persons present she did not know, and she went directly to the piano.
Highcamp was a worldly but unaffected, intelligent, slim, tall blonde woman in the forties, with an indifferent manner and blue eyes that stared.
There were not merely no grammatical errors, but as a composition it would not have disgraced a gentleman; the language, though plain, was strong and unaffected, and the sentiments it conveyed very much to the credit of the writer.
They heard, too, the pleasant mingled notes of a variety of instruments, flutes, drums, psalteries, pipes, tabors, and timbrels, and as they drew near they perceived that the trees of a leafy arcade that had been constructed at the entrance of the town were filled with lights unaffected by the wind, for the breeze at the time was so gentle that it had not power to stir the leaves on the trees.
Fogg and Aouda, happily unaffected by the roughness of the sea, ate with a good appetite, Fix being invited to share their repast, which he accepted with secret chagrin.
Halyk's ratings are unaffected by the planned merger, as its ratings were already based on the group's consolidated credit profile following the acquisition of KKB by Halyk in 3Q17 (see 'Fitch: No Rating Impact from Halyk's 3Q17 IFRS Accounts' dated 28 November 2017 at www.
Staff in the Republic were left fearing for their future following the news, but bosses confirmed yesterday their jobs are safe A spokeswoman told the Irish Mirror: "Tesco Ireland today confirmed it is unaffected by the store changes announced today by Tesco UK.
Tyagi said the party remains unaffected by the meeting.
Drivers coming from the direction of West Moor will be unaffected.