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not prudent or wise


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In such a circumstance, jumping directly into district court may be unadvisable, as the record already before USCIS generally binds the court and limits opportunities to introduce new evidence.
With the rescue operations causing disruptions in the neighborhood, at least one bagel shop seemed to remember that getting trapped between buildings is generally unadvisable.
If reasons of health dont make it unadvisable, set the thermostat at 76 degrees.
I usually met constituents alone, for reasons of confidentiality - now regarded as unadvisable.
It is unadvisable for both partners with thalassaemia to get married because in such cases, with each pregnancy there is a 25 per cent chance that a child will be born with the disease, a 50 per cent chance the child will only be a carrier and a 25 per cent chance the child will not be affected.
104, 107 (1879) ("[A modification pursuant to a bill of review] may be refused, although the facts, if admitted, would change the decree, when the court, looking to all the circumstances, shall deem it productive of mischief to innocent parties, or for any other cause, unadvisable.
So it appeared that removal of the spleen in patients with Gaucher disease improved the white blood cells count only, and with the possible complications of such operation makes it unadvisable option (splenectomy).
7) The letters he possessed often contained "such a mixture of rumors, conjectures, and suspicions, as renders it difficult to sift out the real facts, and unadvisable to hazard more than general outlines, strengthened by current information, on the particular credibility of the relator.
For this reason, most surgeons reserve surface laser treatments only for low hyeropia remodelling in patients where LASIK is not possible or unadvisable, such as in those with thin corneas.
Such unviable variants are unadvisable for customers, because they lose time and time is too valuable for them to be wasted.
This later point speaks to the responsibility for counselors using SCRDs to implement an analytic procedure that is prudent based on the characteristics of their data, rather than select strategies that may inflate their findings or have unadvisable indication for use.
For the same reason that it is unadvisable to limit theoretical knowledge to students matriculating at elite schools, it is unadvisable to limit practical knowledge to students attending lower-ranked schools.
A knee-jerk reaction, lashing out in response, is also unadvisable.
In such a system, you can't have a decisive game-changing push and, perhaps, it is unadvisable.