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difficult to place in an adoptive home


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The ministry also dismissed the argument that Americans adopt many otherwise unadoptable Russian children with disabilities, claiming that less than 10% of such adoptees in 2011 were disabled.
While the lawsuit says that the BLM has a responsibility to "destroy" horses that are ruled unadoptable, the BLM has opposed the sale of horses for slaughter.
Children unlucky enough to have any medical problems, even minor ones, were likely to be labelled as unadoptable and not placed.
Sam, a purebred hairless Chinese crested, was so ugly he was considered unadoptable until Susie Lockheed picked him up from a rescue pound in 1999.
The volume concludes with an October 2008 report by the US Government Accountability Office arguing that effective long-term options are needed to manage unadoptable wild horses.
Three years after Lucy's parental rights were terminated, Terry languished in a residential treatment center: unadopted and seemingly unadoptable.
It was seven years ago that Konosky moved to Cummings Valley near Tehachapi to set up a second nonprofit sanctuary for unadoptable dogs, returning to Burbank on weekends.
The odds that Peta is only receiving unadoptable animals are about the same as me winning the lottery and being struck by lightning on the same day.
If the child was deemed unadoptable, the City's Children's Aid Department had to step in, and the municipality was charged back expenses incurred during the period when infants were cared for in homes or institutions pending placement for adoption.
But this sprawling oasis has, for 25 years, been quietly rehabilitating for adoption--or providing a permanent home--for those critters considered the hardest-luck cases: abused, abandoned and special-needs animals who are considered unadoptable in shelters due to age, behavioral troubles or medical needs.
2) BLM has limited options for dealing with unadoptable animals.
Animals that may have been adoptable when first housed at the shelter soon become unadoptable, having to survive in a crowded environment that wears on their temperament and can even make them sick.
Many children were not listed on exchanges or in photo listing books because child welfare workers, supervisors, and agency directors just considered the children to be unadoptable.
These animals were bought to, or picked up by, PETA because they were unadoptable for a variety of reasons, and had been surrendered precisely because they were not adoptable.
The "model" orphanages from which Westerners adopt children presumably are better staffed and equipped than the orphanages that house children deemed unadoptable.