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Synonyms for unaccented

used of syllables


(used of vowels or syllables) pronounced with little or no stress


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of Items Common Long Vowels 7 Ambiguous Vowels 7 Complex Consonant 5 Patterns Syllable Juncture 5 Consonants Unaccented Final 5 Syllables Subscale 29 Items (n) Subscale Morphological Component Constructs No.
Since students in uniform were forbidden to enter theatres--a distraction from their studies--the Centers were the only places where they could hear (in person or on film) unaccented American English.
The actor studied hard, but he concluded: ''If I had come here as a boy, I could speak unaccented English; at 24, it is impossible.
ripple Letter sequences Unstressed word parts that do not people in unaccented contain phonetic spelling doctor final syllables patterns.
Shouting "Allahu akbar" as they fired, the men also spoke fluent, unaccented French in the military-style noon-time attack on the weekly paper Charlie Hebdo, located near Paris' Bastille monument.
Consonants Short Digraphs Initial/ Long vowel Other vowel Initial vowel final patterns patterns Final blends beesh necst/ driv/drive hours/ beach next ariv/arrive owns wen/ clos/close hows/house when plad/played ther/there pac/pack tosded/ goons/dunes bak/back toasted fier/fire mad/made Consonants Inflected Syllable Suffixes Words Initial endings juncture and spelled Final unaccented correctly final [high syllables frequency) stopt/ litlle/little went stopped was when the
There's one quite arresting fact evident in this first phrase: the speaker goes up in pitch on some unaccented syllables.
The change of unaccented e to i is very common in non-standard varieties of Spanish.
As a pioneering female presenter of the Nine O'Clock News in the 1970s, she was famous for her crisp, unaccented diction and her perfect pronunciation of complicated foreign names.
14) A large portion of the melody 3 and 4 items in fact have a final unaccented syllable in their Palula cognates.
Small motifs that begin on an unaccented eighth note together with Alberti bass require careful pulsing and balance.
For example, for the Finnish target word kela 'coil' the imagined context sentence intended to elicit an unaccented version was Sanoitko, etta uusi kela hajosi?
His talent as a diplomat, his discipline as a former military man, his style, his sense of humor, his straight arrow approach to matters and unaccented English gave him an edge in the political field.
In contrast, Albert and Obler (1978) point out that the second language is learned either like the first, at home or from peers (as in the case of children's immigrant parents who make an effort to speak the new language (English) but have an accent, as a product of their mother tongue's influence; however, children eventually learn the unaccented speech from their peers), or in the academic setting (p.
Amos had a well-modulated, pleasant speaking voice in unaccented English.