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Synonyms for umbrella

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a lightweight handheld collapsible canopy

a formation of military planes maintained over ground operations or targets

having the function of uniting a group of similar things

covering or applying simultaneously to a number of similar items or elements or groups

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References in classic literature ?
Wilson sat down to a table, and began nervously chewing the handle of his umbrella.
His explanation about the umbrella was made up to disarm suspicion.
Hold up the umbrella, Abdull I think my little speech will show them I know something of their vie intime.
He wrung out his wet clothes, slipped on his patent-leather shoes, opened the blue- and-white umbrella, and with mincing gait and a heart beating against his tonsils appeared as 'agent for His Royal Highness, the Rajah of Rampur, gentlemen.
It is not all shame at telling lies--which he knows will not be believed--that makes him turn so red when he informs you that he considers great-coats unhealthy and never carries an umbrella on principle.
We add what dignity we can to a stately ruin with our green umbrellas and jackasses, but it is little.
There was the Gladstone and the small hand-bag, and the two hampers, and a large roll of rugs, and some four or five overcoats and macintoshes, and a few umbrellas, and then there was a melon by itself in a bag, because it was too bulky to go in anywhere, and a couple of pounds of grapes in another bag, and a Japanese paper umbrella, and a frying pan, which, being too long to pack, we had wrapped round with brown paper.
an umbrella will do you no harm at any rate,' he replied, with a smile that showed he was not offended; as a man of worse temper or less penetration would have been at such a refusal of his aid.
You go and get some fresh air," repeated Aunt Jamesina, "but take your umbrella, for I believe it's going to rain.
cried Rose, in such a state of excitement that the new umbrella nearly went overboard.
And what do you think it was but a big umbrella with a white handle?
Nicholas had the honour of playing in a slight piece with Miss Petowker that night, and could not but observe that the warmth of her reception was mainly attributable to a most persevering umbrella in the upper boxes; he saw, too, that the enchanting actress cast many sweet looks towards the quarter whence these sounds proceeded; and that every time she did so, the umbrella broke out afresh.
Fine land this,' said one of them, pointing with his umbrella to the wide fields on the right, conspicuous for their compact hedgerows, deep, well-cut ditches, and fine timber-trees, growing sometimes on the borders, sometimes in the midst of the enclosure:
Tweedledum spread a large umbrella over himself and his brother, and looked up into it.
Excuse me," said Margaret's young man, who had for some time been preparing a sentence, "but that lady has, quite inadvertently, taken my umbrella.