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a slight rounded elevation where the malleus attaches to the eardrum

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Shell shape was convex-convex, dimensions beng almost the same, its width a little being a little bit more than its length, The pedicle valve had a sulcus lying from the umbo to the front side, and the brachial valve had a huge, lifted-up fold.
The experiments showed that when the prototype microphone unit was attached to the umbo, it could pick up medium pitches at conversational volumes, but had trouble detecting quieter, low-frequency sounds.
Width measurements were taken from the ventral umbo to the dorsal side of the mussel.
The variety of this species in colour is from white to violet with distinctive brown zigzag markings at the umbo.
The umbo represents the precise centre of the macula, the area of retina that results in the highest visual acuity (VA); it has a very high concentration of cones.
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The outer face is slightly concave, and a tuberculate ornamentation is sometimes present in the area of the postcentral umbo.
Hingeline straight; umbo extends above hingeline; beaks approximately one-fourth length from anterior margin; anterior margin short, convex, leading to concave area of posterior wing; surface ornament of numerous, closely-spacedlirae; internal features not observed.
The 787 will come into service five years ahead of the A350, after Airbus had previously concentrated its efforts on developing its A380 superj umbo.
Subgenus Pinus, known commonly as the "typical" or "hard pines", is characteristized by having the umbo dorsal and cone scales with a sealing band adjacent to the apophysis where the scales meet on the closed cone.
3 Adequate knowledge Pearly gray, translucent, slightly concave, cone of light at approximately 4:00 o'clock position, annula seen, umbo noted, w/anterior and inferior landmarks at 1:00 o'clock and 7:00 o'clock, respectively.
The nearly spherical cones have eight to 10 scales, each looking like a shield with a central projection (called an umbo, if you want to impress your botanist or Scrabble-playing friends).
Watter vaardighede het Paulus as Voortrekkerseun geleer wat hom help om te oorleef in die veld en die uMbo help om oor die Umgeni te kom?
Medium-sized Estlandia with 4-5 costae per 5 mm at 5 mm anterior to umbo, and along anterior margin, separated by interspaces two to three times width of costae; concentric filae forming chain-like crests on top of ribs; spondylium wide and relatively short; subperipheral rims absent from both valves.
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