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a scar where the umbilical cord was attached

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The first camera port was placed 3 cm above the umbilicus by open laparotomy.
USI has been proposed as the gold standard in the assessment of DRA, with a growing body of literature reporting it as an accurate method to measure DRA above and at the level of the umbilicus (Barbosa et al 2013, Chiarello and McAuley 2013, Mota et al 2013).
Once the appendicitis is diagnosed, the child is prepared for the emergency procedure by administering antibiotics and disinfecting the umbilicus.
2) Umbilical development: most specimens possess a narrow, crevice-like umbilicus, but in some shells the umbilicus is completely closed.
1) At six weeks of age, infants in the intervention group--whose cord had been milked three times before it was clamped near the umbilicus within 30 seconds of delivery--had a mean hemoglobin level of 11.
Computed tomography (CT) of the chest and abdomen demonstrated an irregular soft-tissue mass extending from the urinary bladder dome to the umbilicus, with localised infiltration of the anterior abdominal wall and cutaneous surface (Fig.
The Umbilicus was put into place assisting the movement up and down a supported inner beam structure strengthening this connecting tunnel.
Spinal anaesthesia is relatively easy to perform and can potentially be excellent for below the umbilicus.
For Lauren Hale Biniaris, a RAW Material participant who premiered her work Umbilicus at DNA last October, one of the most refreshing aspects of Solomons' approach was his bluntness and analytical approach to feedback.
Other forms of care, based on culture and beliefs, were also discussed during the event, including the Adan (call to prayer in the right ear of a newborn) by father, putting the coin on the umbilicus, shaving the scalp of the baby, and use of Zam Zam (Holy Water) to a dying person among others.
On examination she had a tender lump deep to the umbilicus.
At the Institute of Forensic Medicine in Frankfurt, Germany, a manometer was inserted into the abdominal cavity through the umbilicus in one hundred corpses.
We found it difficult to estimate the correct position of the tube in the duodenum, a retroperitoneal organ, but we could often feel weak bubbling around the umbilicus (Figure 2).
An oblique skin incision of about 6-8 cms is made from the hernial bulge itself to a point midway between pubic symphysis and umbilicus (Figure 1).