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a scar where the umbilical cord was attached

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All six patients presented with having had a dark brown nodule on the umbilicus for a period of 6 months-4 years (mean 18 months), associated with cyclical pain during or immediately after menstruation.
The eschar on the patient reported here was located below the umbilicus, and he had no sign of inguinal lymphadenopathy or lymphangitis on the abdominal wall.
Anatomically, the umbilical fascia derives from the transversalis fascia and should provide support to the base of the umbilicus.
Abdominal examination revealed the presence of a painful, reducible bulge located between the umbilicus and right anterior superior iliac spine (Figure 2).
All infants with signs of infection at the umbilicus were excluded from the study.
sup][13] Furthermore, there have been reports of adenocarcinomas of the umbilicus that produce subcutaneous nodules or intestinal-like epithelial structures, [sup][13] as in the present case, these are very rare.
A fusiform skin incision was made around umbilicus and abdomen was entered cranial to umbilical stalk (Fig.
The umbilicus was punctured and pneumoperitoneum was established with intra-abdominal pressures maintained at 12-15 mmHg.
Moreover, anatomic landmarks that the young medical student learns in his or her first anatomy classes are modified because of the size of panniculus and the migration of the umbilicus relative to the bifurcation of the aorta.
A lower abdominal midline incision, dividing the rectus muscles and laterally splitting the muscles and fascia, was made 6 cm away from the umbilicus not to interfere with the subsequent attachment of a collecting device.
She needed a life-saving nine-hour operation to remove her right colon, spleen, appendix, gall bladder, umbilicus, ovaries and Fallopian tubes.
Sister Mary Joseph nodules (SMJN) are malignant metastatic nodules involving the umbilicus.
During pregnancy, the two rectus abdominis muscle bellies elongate and curve round the abdominal wall as it expands (Boissonnault and Blaschak 1988, Gilleard and Brown 1996) causing midline separation along the linea alba and protrusion of the umbilicus (Boissonnault and Blaschak 1988, Mota et al 2013).
Infection of umbilicus and its associated structures occur commonly in the newborn calf.