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depressed like a navel

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Lesions caused by molluscum contagiosum are small, discrete, waxy, dome-shaped papules, usually 3 to 5 mm in diameter, with central umbilication.
Caption: Edematous skin-colored papules without central umbilication are evident on the lower extremity.
In healthy children, the molluscum lesions are typically skin-colored, dome shaped with characteristic umbilication which resolves spontaneously.
Ocular examination revealed multiple, firm, pearly, dome-shaped mostly giant papules with central umbilication on the right lower eyelid and small umbilicated papules on the right and left upper eyelids.
Central umbilication is the classic sign of MC but usually is clearly seen only in larger lesions.
The lesion on her finger had progressed to 2 cm in diameter with a 3-4 mm central white ring and umbilication.
After resolution of the infection, a small umbilication in the skin remained.
The central depression or umbilication has a white, waxy, curd-like core.
Lesions are well-defined, white papules with a central indentation but lesions without central umbilication can also be seen.
Examination revealed multiple skin coloured papules with umbilication and plaques with erosions of size 0.
It is asymptomatic and presents with small pearly white or pink round/oval papules that may have umbilication.
8) This central umbilication results from a subjacent pancreatic duct.
The overlying mucosa can show umbilication at the site of the draining duct and yet remain normal.