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depressed like a navel

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Within days, umbilicated lesions covered more than 50% of the child's body and he required mechanical ventilation.
The cutaneous lesions are vesicopustular, may be umbilicated, and have a hemorrhagic crust.
A bad Xerox: complexion an eraser-smudge grey; hair in umbilicated cornrows, lips a piebald swirl--pink and brown.
Eutrephoceras perlatus (Morton 1834) from the Cretaceous Prairie Bluff Chalk of Alabama is similar in size and suture, but is not an umbilicated species, as are the Ozan Formation individuals.
The presence on the body of lesions with the characteristic deep-seated, umbilicated appearance and in a centrifugal distribution of smallpox lesions immediately prompted concern for unearthed smallpox (Figure 2).
These lesions are characterised by flesh-coloured, dome-shaped, smooth or umbilicated papules and are caused by a DNA poxvirus.
In July 2002, the patient came to our attention with multiple, umbilicated warts diffused on the face, trunk, and upper extremities and important edema of nasal mucosae and of the orbicularis ori region.
Typically, on gross examination malakoplakic lesions appear to be yellow-brown plaques or nodules, sometimes umbilicated and rarely ulcerated.
Lesions evolved from macules or papules to umbilicated lesions with pustular content, followed by crusting (online Appendix Figure, www.
In an age of smallpox worries, keep in mind that atypical varicella zoster in HIV patients may, like smallpox, present as small, hard, umbilicated vesicles on the face that are all in one stage.