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depressed like a navel

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55), sides widest at middle and constricted at base; pronotal base lobed at central third; fore angles right, hind angles obtuse; pronotal surface with a transverse, central ridge extending from side to side, and 2 anterior, central, convergent ridges extending from each side of midline of transverse ridge to anterior border; ridges delimiting 4 depressions as follows: two on anterolateral regions, one central, and one on basal third; ridges and depressions with umbilicate, large, dense punctures.
Notes: Natalina beyrichi is unlikely to be confused with any other species on account of its depressed, widely umbilicate shell and coastal distribution in the north-eastern E.
Notes: The somewhat auriform and narrowly umbilicate shell of Natalina wesseliana is distinctive.
Umbilicate series of marginal setae consisting of 6 subhumeral, 3 intercalar, 4 subapical setae and one apical seta.