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Synonyms for umber

an earth pigment

a medium brown to dark-brown color

of the color of any of various natural brown earth pigments

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My No 3 rigger brush was used next, with a mix of raw umber and ultramarine for the branches of the tree in front of the abbey.
Pigments offered: Blacks )black/gray, complex inorganic, carbon black, lamp black); Blues (complex inorganic, ultramarine); Extender pigments (barium sulphate); Greens (chromium, complex inorganic); Iron Oxide pigments (black, burnt umber, raw sienna, Yellow/Red/Brown natural and synthetic, burnt sienna, metallic brown, ochre, raw umber, van dyke brown); Yellow and Oranges (yellow/orange, complex inorganic).
If there's a patent n umber on the gun, however, you can secure a copy of the patent--which normally contain many drawings--by sending a check for $3 to the U.
79 [pounds sterling] per tub, it is sure to appeal to the increasing n umber of consumers who demand premium quality first and foremost when shopping for ice cream.
Allow to dry, and place gold leaf sheets on the adhesive size; brush away the excess, leaving the center umber section bordered with a rough-edged stripe of gold.
In this highly readable novel, David Umber is caught up in a web of intrigue that so complicates his life that he just drifts away into oblivion from a promising career as an historian.
Tyree "Sugar" Jones' sleazy 1971 single "If You Feel It" predates Donna Summer's like-minded disco epics by a n umber of years, suggesting that timing was yet another attribute Big Mack lacked.
A recent Oxford Research Associates poll conducted for a umber of Western media organizations found two-thirds of Iraqis oppose the presence of U.
umber 19--Klemmer's Banquet Center, Milwaukee; General Meeting.
There can be an umber of causes for this, including head trauma or simply the ageing process.
In Psalm90, weareencouraged to value time: ``Lord, teach us ton umber our days aright, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.
With: Louise Jones, Carol Warner Wilke, Kimberley Euston, Umber Ahmad.
DISAM was also honored to be able to host a wide representation from the various base support service organizations upon which it heavily relies, as well as a large n umber of Foreign Liaison Officers from the Air Force Security Assistance Center.
And each element in his uncomplicated yet dense compositions--earthy magenta or umber paper rectangles, translucent overlays of yellow and orange pigment, geometrically apportioned silhouettes of birds, excerpts from handwritten letters--seems to find its place without jostling anything else.
Addressing public safety needs, the Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission aproved a plan issue a limited umber of permits for cougar removal with the use of dogs.