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Synonyms for ululation

a long, mournful cry

Synonyms for ululation

a long loud emotional utterance

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This Jordanian artist responded with a cartoon showing Jordan throwing article 308 into the bin, while making the celebratory ululation sound.
Djebar also refers to actual instruments, musical pieces, songs, ululations, and whispers heard or produced by the characters, which serve as non-diegetic music, produced within the narrative, but which might register as silence within the colonial archive.
She also includes a five-strong 'village choir' with hand clapping and ululation.
After shaking hands with the head of a constitutional panel, Mourad Medelci, and members of his government, Bouteflika was greeted by celebratory ululation.
His narrative is infused with intonations, chants, mimetic gestures, stylized vocality that includes shouts, hollers, yodels, ululation, falsetto, repetition and improvisations that drive call and response, even conjure speaking--in-tongues, the transmission of esoteric sounds, words and gestures to allow devotees access, much like the rhetorical strategies of African oratory tradition, to encoded messages in the text.
Each of their selections was interspersed with musical interludes of singing, clapping, ululation and whistling.
The example of the present day ululation, at the instance of the birth of twins to an Igbo family, which but for western contact through Mary Slessor's abolition of the killing of twins in the old Igbo custom, stands distinct amongst other examples.
Then the assembly welcomed the bride to the canopy with their urgent ululation, the sound covering her, embracing her, as an attendant wreathed her in clouds of incense.
There are no exact words that could be quoted during this stage; however, the essence of the praise songs and the ululation is that the girl's parents, especially the father, have brought the daughter up well and that is why she attracted outsiders; that the father is a strong man and not a boy.
The aged women would receive the bride with ululation (high-pitched tongue trilling common in Arab countries made on occasions of joy) when she is brought to the groom's house.
In the spirit of cultural rights, Chibarirwe as an African Initiated Church then sought to bring back the converts into contact with facets of their cultural life, like polygamy, use of Shona names during baptism, ancestor veneration, inheritance (kugara nhaka/chimutsamapfihwa), nhimbe, use of their own cultural artifacts like hwamanda (musical horn), dance and ululation in worship.
So a search for this term misses that particular Action where ululation is featured.
The poor bride and groom, escorted by their families, parade around the streets of Alex and feel delighted with the clapping and ululation of their friends, neighbours, relatives and passersby, sharing their nuptial joy, while motorists conk their horns.
However, it was not the ululation the truck was making that was most interesting but rather the huge American flag decal across the front of the windshield.
In his voice there was a bruised quality as if the object of his love, his beloved Greece, had awkwardly and unwittingly mangled the shrill notes of ululation.