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Synonyms for ululation

a long, mournful cry

Synonyms for ululation

a long loud emotional utterance

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Then I had to learn how to shout the ululation while doing all the other components of the dance.
He had corresponded with the leaders of Mohammedan religious thought, and had finally induced a distinguished Moslem-one of whose names was Akbar and the rest an untranslatable ululation of Allah with attributes-to come and lecture in England on the ancient Moslem veto on wine.
For as soon as she saw me ready to engage, she cried out incessantly Whillallalloo, and presently I could hear this ululation ecchoed.
In the background of the almost deserted airport the silence was punctured by women's ululation (zaghroota).
This reminds me of the ululation with which Africans greet their heroes," commented a Ugandan who had travelled all the way to Washington, DC to "be present when history was being made," he said.
All the solitude sighs and expects with a blind expectation Somewhat unknown of its own sad heart, grown heartsick of strife: Till sometime its wild heart maddens, and moans, and the vast ululation Takes wing with the clouds on the waters, and wails to be quit of its life.
I don't mind telling you that that ululation, sounding out as it did, in the darkest and dreadest hour of the night, filled me with such terror, that I pee-peed my pyjamas
The 800 guests who were waiting for him in the cathedral knew he was coming because of the drumming, whistling and ululation of the crowd of youngsters that surrounded him.
More or less the same as the rest of us, you'd have to think: a triumphal exhibition by a horse who's become one of his heroes; a flying dismount from a blue-silked jockey who's become one of his friends; a fair bit of jubilant ululation from the white-robed fans.
Now the women cry out, and you hear rise that wild, high-pitched call, shrill and terrible, a call associated only with the desert and its tribal people: the ululation.
There was ululation - a kind of high-pitched wailing, a sign of happiness.
In the late 1970s the L-A-N-G-U-A-G-E school and deconstructionist poets practiced for a time a wholesale, almost violent dismantling of meaning--an experiment that can be seen as a kind of ululation accompanying a "death of the self" not unlike the "death of God" a century before.
To top it all, and for the sheer fun of it, a hastily contrived ride-past, preceded by a frantic distribution of national flags and photos brought cheers, ululation and lots of hand clapping from the huge crowd that had gathered during the afternoon.
7 HIM OF THE POWERPUFF GIRLS With his Santa Claus jacket and fishnet hose, his finicky facial hair and lobster-claw hands, and a voice that ranges from unctuous ululation to stentorian bellow, Him makes me think that one of the Powerpuff animators took a long, loving look at the work of Jack Smith.
John Garang de Mabior, at Nyaio Stadium in Nairobi, Kenya, on 9 January, 2005 he said "peace will bless us once more with hearing of happy giggling of children and the enchanting ululation for women who are excited in happiness for one reason or another".