ultraviolet spectrum

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the spectrum of ultraviolet radiation

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An international project with Russian, Spanish, German and Ukrainian participation, Spektr-UF will study the universe in the ultraviolet spectrum, which is not possible with ground-based instruments.
First, a little overview of ultraviolet light and liquid sanitation: A portion of the ultraviolet spectrum, known as UVC light, gets microbes where they live: Exposure doesn't kill them, but it does pummel their DNA to the point that they cannot reproduce.
Ultraviolet Spectrum technology is a new measure technique, since there are different components in different matter systems and the unsaturation degree of the components are not same, the UV abs curves of the matter system are different.
These devices rely on UVC energy, the most germicidal wavelength in the ultraviolet spectrum.
Iping says that the companion's ultraviolet spectrum resembles that of a Wolf-Rayet star--the searing core of a super-massive star that has blown off most of its outer envelope in powerful winds.
Bees can see colours in the ultraviolet spectrum of light, indistinguishable to the human eye.
Today, leading manufacturers are pushing deeper into the ultraviolet spectrum.
Red algae in natural sunlight have 75 percent as much photosynthetic capacity as do those protected from the portion of the sun's ultraviolet spectrum known as UV-B.
However, the ultraviolet spectrum exhibited a [[lambda].
However, photographic equipment can visualize the ultraviolet spectrum quite well.
So, even if you happened to be in the vicinity of Mars, you would not have been able to see the aurora in its glorious intensity because our eyes cannot see in the ultraviolet spectrum of light.
The team also discovered evidence of changes in Pluto's ultraviolet spectrum compared to Hubble measurements from the 1990s.
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