ultraviolet lamp

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any source of illumination that emits ultraviolet radiation

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At first the gel will be applied, and then the teeth will be uncovered to the ultraviolet lamp for whitening.
To use, you immerse its ultraviolet lamp into a bottle of water, punch the button once for one liter (32 ounces) or twice for 1/2 liter (16 ounces), and stir.
Using an ultraviolet lamp, the duty stamps on the labels were checked but did not show up as fluorescent, indicating the alcohol was non-duty paid.
When the system is scanned with a high-intensity ultraviolet lamp, the dye glows brightly to pinpoint the precise location of every leak.
Arium pro UV, which contains an ultraviolet lamp, is suited for HPLC, IC, GC, ICP and MALDI-MS, TOC analyses and trace element analyses.
This seventh edition contains additional material on combustion turbines, fuel cells, and ultraviolet lamp systems.
The Spectroline[R] BIB-150P ultraviolet lamp quickly and positively confirms the presence of trace amounts of rodent urine and droppings, oil, grease, dust and other impurities that cause health violations.
Each station will have a test painting and an ultraviolet lamp.
The C-100PA high-intensity ultraviolet lamp has a lamp head measuring only 7 by 9.
The clinic uses a Zoom ultraviolet lamp - which is used on shows like Extreme Makeover.
The company in the beginning of 2007 will launch an air purifier that features an ultraviolet lamp, a prefilter, HEPA filter and charcoal filter to reduce odors, said Robert Berger, director of product development for WindChaser.
bask in the ultraviolet lamp at the edge of the forest?
The Spectroline SB-100PR high intensity ultraviolet lamp provides NDT inspectors with a useful safety feature.
The invisible ink can only be seen under an ultraviolet lamp, where it fluoresces to a bright red color.
Once the droplet assumes the desired form, a few minutes under an ultraviolet lamp polymerizes the liquid into a hard lens.
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