ultraviolet illumination

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For example, a product that suffers discoloration due to ultraviolet illumination may still be viable, but be undesirable from a consumer viewpoint.
More often than not, investigators find prints that are incomplete or that require chemicals or ultraviolet illumination to make them visible and usable.
RT-PCR products were resolved by electrophoresis on 2% agarose gel and then visualized by ultraviolet illumination after ethidium bromide staining.
Amplified PCR products along with the molecular weight marker, 100 bp DNA ladder (GIBCO BRL), were separated electrophoretically (2% agarose gel at 75 V for 60 min) and visualized by ultraviolet illumination after staining with 0.
However, prior to deposition of the next layer, each layer would be exposed to the ultraviolet illumination to obtain a higher-molecular-weight, cross-linked molecular structure.
The competing mutant and wild-type primers were designed to differ by ~20 by in size, allowing easy detection of the PCR products by routine electrophoresis and ultraviolet illumination after ethidium bromide staining.
The material combines a transparent liquid-crystal film with a dye that glows blue under ultraviolet illumination.
Many powerful electronic flashguns produce sufficient ultraviolet illumination for this process.