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very high frequency sound

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using the reflections of high-frequency sound waves to construct an image of a body organ (a sonogram)

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The researchers injected the animals with a chemical that marks newborn neurons and then applied ultrasound to the bellies of some of the animals over the next 3 days.
A biopsy costs about $2,500, while the 15-minute, painless ultrasound will cost $75 to $300, Seattle-based ALT said.
Among the mice, there were 56 tumors in parts of the liver that got ultrasound and 64 in parts that didn't.
Sonora has for years led the industry in developing and commercializing electro-acoustic test devices designed to test the performance of, and troubleshoot, advanced diagnostic ultrasound systems," said G.
Most people encounter medical ultrasound with that first view of Junior in the womb.
com) uses an ultrasound technology called inverse scattering, which makes use of the entire spectrum of information available from the ultrasound signal.
He has used ultrasound to seal bleeding arteries in laboratory animals.
Thomas McNamara from the University of California Los Angeles presented "Combining Ultrasound with Lytic Infusion Accelerates Lysis with Less Bleeding.
Approximately half the kids had been exposed to ultrasound during gestation.
Pacific Coast Ultrasound specializes in prenatal ultrasound offering full diagnostics as well as 3D/4D limited diagnostic/elective ultrasounds.
Ultrasound scanners used during pregnancy rely on much lower-frequency sound waves, and studies conducted so far suggest the procedure is completely safe.
Ultrasound is one of the least expensive and convenient ways to image the body, but ultrasound alone is not capable of assessing myocardial perfusion (blood flow to the heart muscle).
For acoustic cavitation to occur with the short pulses typically used in diagnostic ultrasound, bubbles about 1 micron across must be present in the fluid.
This Frost & Sullivan research service entitled European Ultrasound Market provides a detailed overview of this market, focussing on key drivers and restraints, strategic recommendations and revenue forecasts split by geography and market segment.