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fanatical patriotism

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For decades, the German and Japanese societies had been indoctrinated in an ideology of extreme and extremist ultranationalism, and were influenced by antidemocratic, illiberal, racist, and militaristic traditions.
This idea is not unique to the DPRK, but rather has been the trademark of other 20th-century totalitarian ideologies, ranging from communism on the left to Japanese and German ultranationalism on the right.
Moreover, although Skya suggests in his introduction that the kamikaze, the Special Attack Force established near the end of the war, could illustrate the grip that radical Shinto ultranationalism had on the Japanese psyche, he concludes his study in 1937 and does not determine if the ideas of his theorists alone could account for the willingness of these pilots to volunteer for suicide missions.
The rising ultranationalism that led to Japan's diplomatic and economic isolation soon began to hamper missionary work.
Moses' Pharaoh presents Hurston's examination of the ideological content invested in the creation of the fascist state along the lines of the Fuhrerprinzip (Fuhrer principle, or principle of the male, charismatic, authoritarian guide or leader) at work in National Socialist Germany, and the role that ultranationalism plays as a religious faith in supporting fascist political power.
group, which makes ultranationalism the cornerstone of its theories.
As the troops now begin to arrive in Iraq, there is concern in Japan that any casualties might reignite the ultranationalism that fueled Japan's wartime militancy.
A single casualty would tarnish that record, and some fear it might reopen the Pandora's box of ultranationalism, which thrived during the World War II era.
Despite the failure of Serbian ultranationalism in the 1992-95 war, here it is still being celebrated, veiled behind a possible reference to the fight against Fascism in World War II.
She never bothered to look at books which the government, at that time of ultranationalism, published for the sake of propaganda.
But mounting ultranationalism eventually quashed their efforts, and Yamamuro's gentle army was disbanded.
Not surprisingly, a number of artists produced media-based works that dealt with the underlying problems of ultranationalism and xenophobia that fueled the war, while others addressed its more immediate aftermath.
With an apparent rise in right-wing ultranationalism, a confused and at times supine state, and the replaying of all-too-familiar battles between leftist and rightist extremists in Germany's streets, all but the most Micawberish students of the new Germany were evincing concern that occasionally bordered on alarm.
Excepting Gowan, the anti-interventionists discussed here disregard the central constitutive role of Balkan ultranationalism in this conflict.
Because of the politicization of religion in Israel, secular Israeli Jews have come to equate Judaism with the current formation of militant Orthodoxy and ultranationalism.