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Synonyms for ultramontane

a Roman Catholic who advocates ultramontanism (supreme papal authority in matters of faith and discipline)

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on or relating to or characteristic of the region or peoples beyond the Alps from Italy (or north of the Alps)

on the Italian or Roman side of the Alps


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Rafferty's 'The ultramontane spirituality of Paul Cullen' is very revealing of the cardinal's principles and prejudices, although his inner and private lives seem elusive.
To his immediate right were the Weekly Standard and the other partisans of America's unipolar moment, variously accusing Buchanan of being a soft-hearted liberal, a Nazi sympathizer, and an ultramontane reactionary.
McGee then revisited his opinions, undergoing what many of his biographers, Wilson included, describe as an ultramontane conversion.
The most potent of these for much of the period was Louis XIV, for whom Catholicism, not as submission to a pope bur in an Ultramontane subordination to himself, was a necessary adjunct.
The tedious and complex diplomatic and international context that influenced Louis's tortuous path are set out with considerable clarity, as are his struggles with his own bishops both Gallican and Ultramontane.
French Canadians, themselves, still favoured religious pilgrimages over secular ones, (97) but this image of Quebec City conformed nicely with the conservative ultramontane ideology of French-Canadian nationalists such as Judge Adolphe-Basile Routhier who, a few years earlier, had published the lengthy Quebec: A Quaint Mediaeval French City in America at the Dawn of the XXth Century.
Among the topics explored are his ultramontane spirituality, the Irish emigrant world, the system of national education in Ireland, channels of political communication during the first Gladstone administration 1868-74, John Henry Newman's perception of the archbishop of Dublin, the declaration of papal infallibility, and the remaking of Catholicism in the Antipodes.
That the ultramontane Tardivel was born in the United States of a French father and an English mother makes the apparent paradox even more delicious.
14) The ultramontane Catholic press showered accolades on the Dresden circle for its opposition to the Kulturkampf, if not for its irenical tendencies.
German middle-class culture shied away from the culture of display typical of ultramontane Catholics.
As the Reconquista identified itself with its patron saint, Santiago, so the ultramontane interests in a general anti-Islamic stand turned supportive of the, by now, Galicia-centered apostolic cult" (1993: 18-19).
Before the mid-nineteenth century, an Ultramontane thinker like de Maistre (1821) was an oddity among French-speaking Catholics.
The intense anger of the non-Catholic English was in the first instance directed against the reinstatement in their midst of the Catholic Church, but in turn it was directed against Cardinal Wiseman as the immediately accessible representative of those thoroughly committed to the Ultramontane doctrine.
Coming first in the book, McGuire confronts the contradictor)' and elusive Elgar head-on, positing four "avatars" that have come to represent the composer: the "faithful child" (1857-1889); the "publicly faithful" (1889-1905); the "weak faith" he projected in his later years; and, as received after his death, the virtually secular "pan-Christian" national emblem or the "old English Catholic," either of which make him a traitor to his particular Ultramontane upbringing.
Such a stance won him condemnation from Rome and, when the French crown fell to the more ultramontane regency of Marie de Medicis in 1611, de Thou was passed over for appointment to the First Presidency of the Parlement of Paris.