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Synonyms for ultramarine

blue pigment made of powdered lapis lazuli

a vivid blue to purple-blue color

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of a brilliant pure blue to purplish blue color

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So while I'm weeding all sorts of blue flowers suggest themselves - Anchusa azurea, with bold spires of ultramarine flowers, Pulmonaria 'Blue Ensign', which loves the heavy soil here, and towards the edge Veronica 'Georgia Blue'.
indeed, the hue's synonymy with absence, melancholy, and transcendence is perhaps epitomized by Derek Jarman's final film, Blue (1993)--its saturated ultramarine projection echoing the filmmaker's experience of going blind.
The car is offered in 8 color options - Inferno Orange, Ultramarine Blue, Classic Grey, Harmony Beige, Celestial Black, Vermilion Red, Symphony Silver and plain White in the doemtci market and comes in 4 trims.
Derived from pulverised lapis lazuli, ultramarine was literally worth its weight in gold.
The signature styles are available in four rich tones --Tiger Lily, Fuchsia, Emerald and Ultramarine -- inspired by natural elements found around the world.
Young Galaxy's fourth album, Ultramarine (out April 23), was made with electronic producer Dan Lissvik in Gothenburg, Sweden, at Lissvik's studio--the first one all five musicians "worked on together from beginning to end," says Silver, who adds that the Montreal-based band members lived together 24/7 for three weeks straight.
In the accompanying catalog essay by Richard Marshall, who recounts biographical and art historical detail, this ultramarine blue is attributed to its basic associations in nature of sky and water.
Summer favourites include 'Faust', with its strong spikes of deep ultramarine, 'Loch Leven', which produces soft mid blue flowers with a white eye, and 'Cherub', a dainty pink-mauve variety which grows to between 55-165cm (22-66in) high.
German artist Katharina Fritsch's ultramarine cockerel, designed to symbolise regeneration, awakening and strength, will take its place on the plinth in 2013.
5% by weight of the powder activator component, wherein the colorant is selected from the group consisting of ultramarine blue, D&C Yellow No.
is showing new developments in ultramarine pigments for plastics at NPE 2009.
ANSWERS: Thirty pieces of silver; 2 Four-man bobsleigh; 3 The Royal Court Theatre in London; 4 Coins or medals; 5 Liquorice; 6 Ultramarine blue; 7 Paper Moon; 8 Seven; 9 Longleat; 10 Martin Sheen.
The Nokia E63 will be available in ruby red or ultramarine blue in the coming weeks for the estimated retail price of USD279.