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a final peremptory demand

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Indeed, the new Power which had arisen in Siberia, backed by Japan and other powerful allies, was inclined to take the matter up in the interests of its exiled subjects; and there had been wild talk about ambassadors and ultimatums.
It knows that after splendid yet careful campaigns both in India and Africa he was in command against Brazil when the great Brazilian patriot Olivier issued his ultimatum.
I took disgracefully little interest in the Negotiations, while the Ultimatum appealed to Raffles as a sporting flutter.
If I can't work for money, you can't fight," was Saxon's ultimatum, immediately withdrawn.
I'll give you six shilling for it," she said, throwing it down with the air of a person who mentions an ultimatum.
Greek government dismissed on Friday media reports that international lenders issued a one week ultimatum to June 4 for the achievement of a debt deal after Thursday's Euro Working Group talks in Brussels.
A 90-day ultimatum has been given by the Nigerian government to private jet owners to streamline their operations with civil aviation regulations.
Sanaa: The United States has delivered an ultimatum to former president Ali Abdullah Saleh to leave Yemen by Friday or face United Nations sanctions, an official in his office said on Wednesday, calling on supporters to resist the move.
While unwanted female attention spells trouble for Jimmy, Thomas gives Baxter an ultimatum.
20, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- The Kindle release of, " The Angel Ultimatum ," is now available at Amazon.
The 29-year-old had a take-it-or-leave-it ultimatum when he met with director Craig Levein and yesterday a spokesperson said: "We wish him all the best.
On May 28, the rift deepened when parliamentary leader Irfanullah Marwat gave eight-day ultimatum to PML-N leadership to address their reservations.
com/2014/05/15/rihanna-drake-break-up-win-back-split-ultimatum/) offering an ultimatum for Drake to shape up or else lose her.
The problem is her mother and eldest daughter have given her an ultimatum - dump me and never speak to me again or they will never speak to her again.
Two major armed groups that played a major role in ending the oppressive regime of Muammar Gaddafi demanded the outgoing National Congress to hand over power within five hours from the moment of issuing the ultimatum.