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the state or degree of being ultimate

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There has been a tendency among those in the West who discover the ultimacy of Being Itself to disparage the personal God of the Bible, but the Christian community in its prayer and worship and overall teaching remains grounded in the relation to the Abrahamic God.
We see quite clearly from the Bhagavadgita that while the tradition upholds the ultimacy of non-violence, exceptions are made.
A classic example of literary postmodernism's parody of the epiphanic moment occurs in John Barth's early novel The End of the Road, whose protagonist intermittently suffers from an extended epiphanic vision he cannot terminate: "My eyes, as Winckelmann said inaccurately of the eyes of the Greek statues, were sightless, gazing on eternity, fixed on ultimacy [.
In the domain of fact," he writes, "there are procedures for eliminating disagreement; in that of morals the ultimacy of disagreement is dignified by the title 'pluralism.
Foster parents may not feel entirely secure in their relationship to a child and are uncomfortable with the intimacy and ultimacy of disclosure for that reason.
Then "faithing" is the name of a universal human experience of ultimacy and obligation, in the sense that we should never speak of "other faiths" but only of "other folk.
This is a key point of this book, which seems, in part at least, designed as an apologetic strategy to prevent any mystical overcoming of the finality of religious doctrine and, in the end, to preserve Christian ultimacy and normativity (pp.
This awareness is now affecting religious establishments as well, who find it increasingly difficult to maintain claims of ultimacy in their own competing rule-based systems.
It is so ably presented that students who read the book might demand compensation from the university for its failure to deliver a comprehensive education--one designed not only for job preparation but with the resources to engage life and reality in terms of religious ultimacy.
The Lutheran-Roman Catholic dialogue has, moreover, clearly shown that Lutheran theologians, while giving primacy and ultimacy to sacred scripture, do not want to isolate it from the tradition, the teaching office of the church or the Christian community as a whole.
Psychology considers human being and doing at the intrapsychic, interpersonal and systemic levels; sociology at the communal, societal, and cultural levels; theology at the level of ultimacy or eternity.
Medieval neoplatonists, seeking ultimacy in the absoluteness of the One, found nothing in things that was distinctively and decisively their own--beyond the otherness that gave finite composites their embodiment.
All versions of the sublime," he asserts, "require a credible God-term, a meaningful jargon of ultimacy, if the discourse is not to collapse into 'mere' rhetoric" (36).
The gospel has more to do with the humanity of God than with the divinity of Christ; that is, it posits the divine origins of Jesus of Nazareth as the necessary theological presupposition of its primary testimony to the ultimacy of the Creator's world-orientation (John 3:16).