ultima Thule

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the geographical region believed by ancient geographers to be the northernmost land in the inhabited world


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The arcade was home to the Henry Osborne tool shop, record stores and the famous hippy bookstore called Ultima Thule run by Newcastle poet Tom Pickard.
As they near language's ultima Thule, Zanzotto's later poems, self-described "works adrift" and "uncertain fragments," yahoo toward a precariously private language that incorporates primitive scrawls and playing card icons, reinforcing the point that words themselves belong to a mysterious set of barely decipherable signs always on the brink of vanishing.
Some cavalier uses of vocabulary are also apparent: whatever Atlantic Scotland was in the Iron Age it was not the Ultima Thule of Chapter 5's title (cf.
Finally, 1900 (Novocento) is a gentle, funny and touching play from Belgium company Ultima Thule for over-12s on July 5, telling the story of a unique man who never sets foot on dry land.
There was the smell of patchouli oil, sandalwood, and shops which variously over the years included Bazaar, which sold everything from home-made preserves to vegetable-dyed T-shirts, Ultima Thule bookshop, Kard Bar posters, Blaise dress design, Figleaf men's clothing, Miss Flair, Kaleidoscope clothes, Object arts and crafts, Scene furniture and Burman sounds.
For a more careful discussion of Poe's knowledge of Seneca, see Michele Valerie Ronnick, "Seneca's Medea and Ultima Thule in Poe's 'Dream-Land,'" Poe Studies, 27 [1994], 40-42.
Las depresiones de Saturno eran la ultima Thule de toda la existencia.
In late October 1993, an Oi-rock band, Ultima Thule from Nykoping, held a concert in Fryshuset.