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the quality of being ulterior

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In other words, the ulteriority of the negative in Hegel is essentially "apparent" in the sense that always and anyway, in his view, history would take it upon itself to lead it back to an umpteenth determination (hopefully more "concrete") of the positive--the same positive that ulteriority should have been "sublated" (precisely, in the form of Aufhebung), although without being capable to disengage itself from its actual control.
Robert Frost described poetry as metaphor: "saying one thing and meaning another, saying one thing in terms of another, the pleasure of ulteriority.
10) Given the depth and breadth of Bill Gorton's reading--his literary allusions are apparent throughout the novel--and the ease with which he incorporates the line from "A Forest Hymn" into his descant on Bryan, discerning readers not only infer Bill's familiarity with William Cullen Bryant and his poetic canon, but also ironic ulteriority directed toward Jake, just in Bill's reference to Bryan's fundamentalism.
But every normalization will falsify its strangeness, its ulteriority.