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in or of the month preceding the present one


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But teaching unions last night expressed alarm that ULT was being allowed to take over - with a glowing reference from current Education Secretary Michael Gove - so soon after being told to concentrate on its existing schools.
Debt levels rose measurably following the entire issuance of $189 million in 2007 ULT authorization, issued in three installments from 2008 to 2010.
6 million outstanding ULT school building bonds, series 2007.
While Fitch currently makes no distinction between the ULTs and limited tax ratings, meaningful erosion of financial flexibility would change the overall credit profile and could result in future rating differentiation between the two securities.
Fitch also assigns an 'AA-' underlying rating to the ULT refunding bonds, series 2011 and QSCBs taxable series 2011 and affirms the 'AA-' rating on the district's $120.
The series 2011 ULT bonds are expected to sell via negotiation the week of April 4, 2011.
Contract notice: Supply, installation and setup ult freezers for the biobank.
1 million of outstanding ULT general obligation (GO) bonds.
4 million ULT building bonds, taxable series 2010 (Direct Subsidy-Build America bonds).
12,865,000 ULT school building bonds, series 2010B;
Contract notice: Framework agreement for the purchase of ult cabinets for storage of research material: Subsection 1
A large march in which took part the relatives of the victims, as well as the defence committee, trade unionists and representatives of the civil society, toured the collective of defense, trade unionists and representatives of the civil society furrowed the main streets of the city, from the premises of the ULT until the seat of the delegation.
Stirling Ultracold's SU780XLE Upright Freezer has qualified for ENERGY STAR certification, which was recently established by the EPA for laboratory grade refrigerators and freezers in the ULT category.
4 mg/dL), ULT dose adjustment to the less stringent sUA target of 360 mmol/l (6.
24) ULT is also indicated for patients with tophaceous gout and gout with uric acid nephrolithiasis or renal function impairment.