ulnar vein

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any of several veins of the forearm

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4 mL total volume; 760 mg/kg IV; Isovue-300, Bracco Diagnostics Inc, Princeton, NJ, USA) was administered at a constant rate of 1-2 mL/kg per minute through the catheter placed in the left ulnar vein during video acquisition.
An additional dose of ticarcillin-clavulanate (200 mg/kg) was given intravenously in the left ulnar vein.
An indwelling 22-gauge catheter was placed into the left ulnar vein, and the bird was infused with isotonic fluids (lactated Ringer's solution) at a rate of 10 mL/kg/h during surgery.
The bird was anesthetized with isoflurane delivered via facemask, and then euthanatized with pentobarbital (1 mL/kg) in the left ulnar vein.
The radial veins receive the dorsal carpal veins, and the ulnar veins receive tributaries from the deep palmar venous arches.