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a nerve running along the inner side of the arm and passing near the elbow

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Strength-duration curves for both the median and ulnar nerve are shown in Figure 4.
Subjects' median and ulnar nerve function was also ranked as 0 (normal nerve conduction studies) or 1 (abnormal nerve conduction or comparison studies).
This showed no obvious deformity in Guyon's canal and no abnormality along the ulnar nerve.
This essay emphasises the role of US in the diagnosis of ulnar nerve dislocation and snapping triceps syndrome and describes the preferred technique, imaging findings and dynamic monitoring by US.
The syndrome is caused by pressure on the ulnar nerve as it passes through a canal made up of bones and a fibrous ligament in the wrist.
Most common diseases in 2010 in the Czech Republic Diseases number Carpal tunnel syndrome caused by long-term 230 excessive onesided overtaxing Carpal tunnel syndrome caused by vibrations 160 Radial humeral epicondylitis 50 Secondary Raynaud's syndrome caused by 49 vibrations Ulnar humeral epicondylitis 28 Trigger finger 25 Arthrosis of thumb 12 other synovitis and tendosynovitis 11 Ulnar nerve lesion at the elbow 10
It was first described by Arthur Pourdy Stout in 1918, where it occurred in the ulnar nerve.
For group 2, a statistically significant decrease in the CDP amplitude was observed at 60 minutes compared with the values before injection (0 minutes) following ulnar nerve stimulation.
He described the transfer of a single redundant fascicle from the ulnar nerve directly coapted to the biceps motor fascicle.
Cell phone elbow, otherwise known as cubital tunnel syndrome, is a tingling or numbness in the hands caused by a compression of the ulnar nerve, which can be brought on by flexing the elbow for too long while talking.
entrapment of the deep palmar branch of ulnar nerve,
A special nerve called the ulnar nerve is wedged tightly between the bones and is also very close to the surface.
Technically the so-called funny bone is the ulnar nerve that causes that tingly sensation when we strike our arm.
How is a bumping of the ulnar nerve more commonly known?
Median and ulnar nerve conduction studies were also done at baseline and 12 months.