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the amount that a container (as a wine bottle or tank) lacks of being full

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Scott, on the other hand, already has ullage and Rochelle will help it meet a looming fuel gas deficiency.
The Hercules C130k aircraft, 47 Squadron Special Forces flight XV179, was flying at about 150ft from Baghdad to Balad in daylight when it was felled by a medium-calibre anti-aircraft round which hit a fuel tank in the right wing, causing the ullage - a flammable fuel vapour/air mix created as the tank empties - to explode and blow off the wing.
Research papers throughout the 1990s warned of possible wing-tank explosions caused by projectiles igniting the ullage, the highly flammable fuel/air mix left as the tank empties.
There is plenty of free ullage on the world wide web.
In one example, Texas A&M University used the company's Energy Chain aboard NASA's Reduced Gravity aircraft the Weightless Wonder--to test the effects of acceleration on spatial orientation of liquid and ullage (gas/vapor) in a scale model propellant tank.
By reducing the ullage in the packs through the new size, they appear to be more filled than did the former packages.
but in other words or phrases, like tHE ADvent, flaSK ULLage,
This detects ullage that might freeze within the keg during cold winter, and reroutes kegs containing frozen beer for further processing.
In addition, the level of the wine-the ullage, taken as an indicator of provenance-is recorded for some wines.
Once that hatch cover gave way, water would enter the No 1 hatch, very rapidly filling the large ullage space above the cargo and thereby causing the vessel to go still further down by the bow.