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a circumscribed inflammatory and often suppurating lesion on the skin or an internal mucous surface resulting in necrosis of tissue

the process of ulcer formation

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Dynamic foot pressures are elevated in diabetic neuropathy and especially in patients with a history of plantar ulceration (Boulton et al.
The rate of ulceration in these patients was relatively low, compared with that of the general population, but researchers attribute that benefit to the extra attention, education, and monitoring involved in the study, not to the therapeutic footwear.
One of the biggest challenges in diabetes management at the beginning of the new millennium is to reduce the incidence of foot ulceration and amputation, which remains stubbornly high.
This means that you can injure your feet without being aware of it and any damage can lead to ulceration.
26 Patients with no evidence of neuropathy were considered as category 0, patients with neuropathy but no evidence of foot deformity or peripheral vascular disease were considered as category 1, patients with neuropathy with evidence of deformity or peripheral vascular disease were considered as category 2 and patients with history of foot ulceration or lower extremity amputation were considered as category 3.
The gastric mucosal treated with sucralfate after ulceration appears like the normal control with muscularis externa intact with the submucosa (Figures 2a and b).
Mostly ulceration is considered to be caused due to smoking, stress and spicy food.
On repeat physical examination the lesion was a 1-cm, fungiform, yellow to pink nodule, with central ulceration.
Clinical studies was done on 12 dogs (10 males and 2 females) to evaluate different surgical techniques for management of superficial corneal ulceration.
Ulcers almost healed (Figure-1b, 1c, 1d), but after a period 2 months later patient again presented with a small erosion, which slowly progressed to ulcerations in due course forming large exuberant ulceration involving glans penis, prepuce and encroaching onto the urethral meatus with purulent subpreputial discharge (Figure-1e).
Ulceration of the hemangioma is a known complication which occurs during its rapid growth phase and especially in anatomic areas where additional stimulating factors exist.
2013) detailed that a key contributing factor to increased mortality rates in patients with CKD is foot ulceration and associated risk of lower limb amputation.
Debenham reported the first case of NSAID-induced colonic damage in 1966, highlighting a case of cecal ulceration in a patient taking oxyphenbutazone for rheumatoid arthritis [1].
Diabetic neuropathy is responsible for 85% of foot ulceration (Ndip, Ebah, & Mbako, 2012).
Of the physical manifestations of leprosy, foot ulceration is a common sequelae and strongly implicated in the acquisition of disability.