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undergo ulceration

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affect with an ulcer

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Hemangiomas are more likely to ulcerate if they are large, superficial, or segmented; if they're located in an intertriginous area or are on the mucosa; or if they are of a mixed subtype, said Dr.
Vasculitis in SLE and dermatomyositis occasionally produces painful nodules that can ulcerate in 1-3 days.
During stress, there can be an increase in gastric acidity; this may ulcerate even a normal, intact mucinoid lining.
Prolonged inflammation can ulcerate the intestinal lining and require surgery.
The patients develop brown macules, violaceous or purplish nodules and plaques which become verrucous or ulcerate.
After a variable period of time (a few weeks to several months), these forms ulcerate.
The sexually transmitted diseases inflame or ulcerate the vaginal wall and so put an individual woman at greater risk of acquiring HIV than does vaginosis.
Areas of inflammation may ulcerate over time and form a stricture.