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Synonyms for ugly

Synonyms for ugly

Synonyms for ugly

displeasing to the senses

inclined to anger or bad feelings with overtones of menace


Related Words

morally reprehensible

provoking horror

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One year after opening the first British branch of the bar in Cardiff, Coyote Ugly opened its second venue in Liverpool in December.
That's because, the story went, "The Ugly American" disdained local languages, customs and even regional military tactics.
Miller might have examined Flannery O'Connor's "Revelation," in which the ugly Mary Grace can't stop staring at Mrs.
Ladies who want to make it clear that they're available at an Ugly Sweater party, look no further than this (https://www.
Launched in partnership with wildlife charity Tusk, The Ugly Five celebrates those less popular African animals: the wildebeest, warthog, marabou stork, spotted hyena and lappet-faced vulture.
Coyote' bar was due to open in Digbeth this month and was to feature female bartenders as depicted in the 2000 film Coyote Ugly.
The main character in the story is an ugly grey bird, the Ugly Duckling, who is teased because of the way she looks.
Along the same line, there was a Sui dynasty wife named Qingchou "clearly ugly.
Men's and Women's custom Ugly Christmas Sweaters sizes XS - 3XL.
Also, Ugly looks pretty on posters of a film that is clearly not meant for all.
Actually, I'd gladly wear ugly sweaters for months if it meant losing the latter, especially with the headlines this week.
BY PAUL O'HEHIR CIARAN KILDUFF feels Shamrock Rovers need to develop a knack of winning ugly - or risk being left behind again.
If our production of Ugly Duckling inspires children to start ballet lessons then that's great, but most importantly I hope it awakens in them a love and appreciation for the magic of dance and theatre in general.
I'm thinking ugly men might be the solution," Kirstie said on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show'.