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Synonyms for ugliness

the quality or condition of being ugly

an unsightly object

Synonyms for ugliness

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Hilbery, now came back to him, pouring over the raw ugliness of human affairs its soothing balm, and providing a form into which such passions as he had felt so painfully the night before could be molded so that they fell roundly from the tongue in shapely phrases, hurting nobody.
define and reiterate her main idea and its "foundational claims": 1) ugliness draws attention to itself; 2) ugliness is a result of "change over time" and "its relational, historical, geographical, and racial context"; 3) ugliness refers to both appearance and behavior; and 4) the "ugly plot" usually leads to a fate outside of marriage and motherhood.
Professor Ljupco Gasteovski comments in Nova Makedonija that despite all the ugliness that take place in our head before and during the voting process and after we put the ballot paper into the ballot box, we nonetheless feel fulfilled because we gave a part of ourselves in the process.
He added any Syrian artistic activity at this critical time constitutes a serious attempt for casting ugliness aside and fulfilling humanity via arts, considering that it's time that the Arab visual art went out of its narrow scope to the world.
The exhibition, Conceal and Reveal, focuses on the themes of concealing one's true nature from the public, the beauty in ugliness and the ugliness in beauty.
Ugliness as a category is important because, unlike more extreme categories such as the grotesque, ugliness is quite everyday.
To me, the criteria is simply between beauty and ugliness.
In Strictly Come Dancing ugliness is beauty, prancing is dancing and Judy Murray is Ginger Rogers" - Comedian Alexei Sayle is no fan of the popular TV show.
Newman sifts through the complexity of place and humanity to find both the ugliness and the beauty in our world.
Faces and masks of ugliness in literary narratives.
The protagonist is born to a family whose members are universally beautiful, but she is cursed with "startling ugliness.
For certain more curious and disenchanted spirits, the JT pleasure of ugliness comes from an even more mysterious sentiment, which is a thirst for the unknown and a taste for the horrible," wrote Charles Baudelaire.
Beauty and ugliness were on the beach one day and they took off their clothes to swim.
Rio is the man, remember, who castigated FIFA imbecile Sepp Blatter (below) for suggesting racial ugliness should be settled by a handshake.
But nobody talks about beauty and ugliness any more" Artist David Hockney, pictured, on wind farms "I'm a member of the old school.