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mammary gland of bovids (cows and sheep and goats)

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The conformation of udder and mammary system has a significant impact in the teat lesions, exposure to pathogenic bacteria and milk quality, therefore it directly linked to the udder health.
A EWE mastitis research project funded by AHDB Beef & Lamb has highlighted the importance of knowing a flock's udder health status.
Judges say the ideal cow exhibits a set of physical characteristics in four major categories that make up the total evaluation of the cow: the cow's frame - 15%, dairy strength - 25%, rear feet/legs - 20%, udder - 40%.
Nick Algeo wrote: "I really should have taken an udder route - we'll be waiting till the cows (go) home.
Noam Urim also offers Udder Wipes for the livestock care category.
Co-founder of Shaken Udder Jodie Farran, explained: "Tesco is one of our biggest stockists so we are thrilled that they believe in the brand enough to take on our full range.
No_Supermarket Great Bulls of Fire; Calfway to Paradise; Horn Free; Have You Herd, Part 1, Moo-dy Blues @gddik Just an udder silly love song.
As she opens up to Piers, Mary will be discussing her family life, her role in the much-adored Bake Off series, and cooking cow udder pie for her first TV appearance.
YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Sheriff 9 Erode 10 Relax 11 Repaper 12 Coo 13 Lebanese 16 Noontide 17 Yak 19 Dilemma 21 Erica 22 Udder 23 Earthen DOWN: 1 Ostrich 2 Well-to-do 3 Minx 4 Response 5 Hoop 6 Weird 8 Fire brigade 13 Landmark 14 Skylight 15 Ukraine 18 Odium 20 Lido 21 Earn QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 Screwdriver 8 Tea 9 Dog 11 Insulin 12 Legal 13 Ate 14 Era 15 Frailty 17 Ago 19 Ache 21 Abet 23 Coma 25 Ogre 27 Rev 29 Ellipse 31 Elm 34 Pad 36 React 37 Service 38 Ass 39 Pro 40 Stand at ease DOWN: 1 Sent 2 Case 3 Enlarge 4 Dennis 5 Inlet 6 Edge 7 Roar 8 Tiara 10 Glaze 16 Yam 18 Oar 20 Car 22 Bee 24 Observe 25 Opera 26 Fiesta 28 Video 30 Latin 32 Less 33 Mast 34 Pips 35 Acre
Hess's Udder Ointment can moisturize until the cows come home when the 100-year-old skin salve returns to the market.
This trait can help protect an udder from sunburn, "snowburn" or frostbite, but it can also be a disadvantage when calves are nursing in the spring when the cow is shedding.
Summary: In a rare surgery, a team of veterinary experts rescued a goat's life by removing a 15kg cancerous tumour from its udder.
Dubai: Dubai Municipality veterinarians have given a new lease of life to a goat after they removed a 15-kilogram cancerous tumour from its udder.
International Conference on Udder Health and Communication (2011: Utrecht, The Netherlands) Ed.
Many studies assessed the heritability for body measurements were characterized with high heritability except udder measurements which characterized with moderate.