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the state of being everywhere at once (or seeming to be everywhere at once)

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Despite the ubiquitousness of the Internet, TV is still the top medium for consuming news for U.
The lack of a specific, indigenous theory and detailed vocabulary to refer to konggap, facilitating a consciously analytical phase (see page 68, Cognitive processes when hearing a konggap), is compensated by the ubiquitousness of and daily confrontation with konggap.
Forni, who directs the Civility Initiative at Johns Hopkins, believes we need to think seriously about serious thinking, that we are facing a crisis of concentration thanks to the ubiquitousness of digital media.
This example makes it clear that the ubiquitousness of quasi-polynomials shouldn't be too surprising: anywhere there are floor functions, quasi-polynomials are likely to appear.
Of course, the myth of Native American vanishment is not exclusive to the South, but its ubiquitousness is peculiar in a region where "no less than 40 percent of southerners claimed Native ancestry" (Taylor 27).
The ubiquitousness of Google's highly interconnected advertising network based on AdWords and AdSense on the Internet may render some of these attempted privacy protections as illusory, however.
I do believe that most biologists are aware at some level of consciousness of the nonscientific nature and the ubiquitousness of scientism, and of evolutionism in particular, although, in my experience, they rarely speak of it.
Despite the ubiquitousness of autonomy talk across discourses, "[a]bout the only features held constant from one author to another are that autonomy is a feature of persons and that it is a desirable quality to have.
Attempts to exert control over these inner experiences by using strategies that are generally effective in exerting control over the external environment is an all-to-common maladaptive human strategy that may explain the apparent ubiquitousness of human suffering (Hayes and Smith, 2005).
The ubiquitousness of retail corruption - from the policeman taking a few rupees to clerks at the passport office demanding thousands - has been growing apace with the economy.
Due to the ubiquitousness of Google and the belief that everything is available for free online, many have said that libraries and librarians will soon become obsolete.
Finally, the ubiquitousness of serial arguments allows us to think differently about the effects of an avoidant arguer engaging in an argument.
It is also possible that it is a function of the ubiquitousness of other CBT skills such as agenda and homework-setting.
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