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Synonyms for ubiquitous

Synonyms for ubiquitous

ever present in all places

Synonyms for ubiquitous

being present everywhere at once


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Yoshiaki Kushiki, Managing Director in charge of multimedia and software technologies of Matsushita Electric (Panasonic) said, "Panasonic believes that the higher security technology for mobile e-commerce will be needed in the ubiquitous networked society that we now see taking shape.
MX products as a primary platform for QuickBoot because the processors are now widely used for various devices like smartbooks, tablets, e-books and automotive infotainments where the instant-on user experience is essential" said Tomoyuki Ietaka, President of Ubiquitous.
TOKYO -- Ubiquitous Corporation, a Tokyo based leading embedded software company (JASDAQ NEO:3858) has announced public availability of QuickBoot Release 1.
The technological and social implications are immense, but fortunately the 12 articles in this look into the future are comprehensive, and they are drawn from those presented at the Third International Workshop on Ubiquitous Computing held in 2007.
Ubiquitous Computing (also commonly referred to as Pervasive Computing) describes the ways in which current technological models, based upon three base designs: smart (mobile, wireless, service) devices, smart environments (of embedded system devices) and smart interaction (between devices), relate to and support a computing vision for a greater range of computer devices, used in a greater range of (human, ICT and physical) environments and activities.
This volume focuses on how mobile and wireless networks, and ubiquitous and pervasive computing in general, support a new generation of knowledge and learning management systems aiming to provide services beyond time or geographical borders.
Wireless, mobile and ubiquitous technology in education; proceedings.
The 2005 international workshop on Wireless and Mobile Technologies in Education brought together researchers, academics and industry practitioners to discuss the theme "Learning Everywhere: Design and Challenges for Ubiquitous Learning Society.
com/reports/c90053) has announced the addition of "Exploring the European Union Research Policy in Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing" to their offering.
International workshop on Ubiquitous Data Management (2005: Tokyo, Japan) Ed.
LONDON -- Since 2000, pervasive and ubiquitous computing has gained the interest of academia, industry and policy makers.
OKI's eSound engine with the eSound Positioning function has been selected as the Ubiquitous Communicator (2) for "Tokyo Ubiquitous Technology Project" part of the Free Mobility Project (3), promoted by the Ministry of Land Infrastructure and Transport in Japan and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.
In this research, Frost & Sullivan's expert analysts thoroughly examine the following technologies: Ubiquitous computing, communications, interfaces, smart surroundings, intelligent devices.
com/reports/c45741) has announced the addition of A Model for Selling Ubiquitous Computing to the Higher Education Market (Strategy Focus) to their offering.
As student demands for 'any time, any where' computing grow, higher education institutions will increasingly shift from a simply mobile to a truly ubiquitous model for delivering computing resources.
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