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medium-sized tree-dwelling monkey of the Amazon basin

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Bald uakari THE bald-headed uakari may look like it could die out from embarrassment but its bright red face is actually advertising its health to entice mates.
armadillo, giant aye-aye bat (12 species) cat (small, 9 species) cheetah deer (22 species) elephant, Asian gazelle (10 species) gorilla jaguar kangaroo rat (6 species) langur (6 species) leopard, clouded lion, Asiatic manatee, West Indian mandrill marmoset (4 species) monkey (18 species) mouse (17 species) ocelot orangutan oryx, Arabian otter (5 species) panda, giant panther, Florida puma, eastern rhinoceros (5 species) seal (4 species) tapir (4 species) tiger uakari (all species) vole (3 species) wallaby (6 species) whale (7 species) yak, wild zebra, mountain
The inflatables were chosen based on the alphabet, as he wanted to have animals and plants representing the letters of the alphabet from A to Z, ranging from Ants to Zebras and including in-betweens such as Tulips and Uakaris, a type of monkey.
Orang-utans and forest-dwelling rhinos play a similar role in South and Southeast Asian forests, along with Asian elephants, just as tapirs, spider monkeys and uakaris do in South and Central America.
It is difficult to gauge the intended age group as some of the words used are very complicated--arithmetic, macaroni, vipers and vultures, uakaris,--so the book would have to be read aloud.
Many fall prey to the golden-backed uakaris that venture down from trees to eat them.