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complete reversal of direction of travel

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Being near the bottom of the pack is a disadvantage going into the U-Turn leg, because it increases the likelihood they can be U-Turned.
Ashghal advises that the newly created U-turn will only provide one lane for road users to turnaround.
Members of the Senate and Congress, guest and other VIPs will exit at Meralco U-turn slot on their way to Batasan.
At that same point, there's a u-turn that is placed too close to the right turn, making it very risky for motorists, especially when the car taking a u-turn is travelling at a fairly high speed.
Mabon ap Gwynfor, Plaid Cymru spokesman for Clwyd South: "The news that the Labour group on Wrexham Council has done a U-turn is a welcome step in the right direction.
With the current situation and the government making u-turn after u-turn let's get Mayor Anderson on board and push this recommendation forward.
Schoolgirls are to be given an improved vaccine against cancer after a U-turn by health ministers.
9% of its transactions relating to Iran complied with the so-called U-turn regulations and the total value of transactions which did not follow the U-turn was under USD14m.
The U-turn, unveiled in a speech this week, would apply to jobseekers on benefit for three years, compared to two under U-TURN: Labour.
Summary: Chancellor George Osborne has scrapped plans to cap tax relief on charitable donations in another embarassing U-turn for the Government.
DAVID Cameron is facing calls to explain a "shambolic" U-turn that has left plans for a new generation of military jets in chaos.
The U-Turn Youth Club has been awarded pounds 950 from the Dalton Ward Committee budget.
THE Welsh Government has performed a major U-turn by now supporting a new nuclear power plant on Anglesey.
As my road feeds into Al Wasl more or less at the end of that U-turn lane, I have no alternative but to beg somebody to let me in.